Accessible Garden Ideas for Children

If you have children, you may find it difficult to tear them away from the television and persuade them to go outside into the garden. Or perhaps your children would like to spend time in the garden, but you need tips on how to make it more child friendly.

These ideas should help you.

Play On The Senses

Incorporating features that encourage your children to use their senses is a sure way to persuade them to use the garden, especially for young children and toddlers. Why not try making your own music tree or wall? Hanging sections of old pipe, or perhaps bells from tree branches will add an element of fun for your children, but will also create a beautiful twinkling noise in the wind for adults on a breezy day.

Get Them Involved

Children will be more willing to spend time outside if they feel they are needed, and growing plants is an ideal way to do this. Even if you only have enough space for a few flowers, or a window box of herbs, children will become excited when they see their produce blooming and be extremely satisfied when it comes to picking the crops.

Add Some Colour

Your garden will be much more appealing to your children if it’s pretty and colourful. This could can be achieved simply through various different plants or furniture. However, you could also allow your children to get involved with adding this colour. Why not put marbles into the holes on your garden fence which will create a beautiful stained glass effect as the sun shines through them. Alternatively, you could allow them to create their own patterns on the patio area with washable chalks for a less permanent dash of colour.

Give Them Their Own Space

If your children feel as if they have a space of their own, they will be happier to spend time outside in your garden. You could make this possible through a wendy house, in which they can play and store their toys. You could also just create a ‘kids corner’ in which you include fun garden toys, such as a sandpit and see-saw.

Allow Them To Belong

Children may be apprehensive to spend much time in the garden because they feel as if it’s an adult only area, by result of the too-big furniture and accessories. Why not invest in some child-size furniture for your children, (sun loungers, chairs and picnic benches)  meaning that they can join you in the garden without feeling they shouldn’t be there.

Put Them On A Stage

It’s a well- known fact that children love nothing more than being the centre of attention, so why not make them it? Turn your seating to face their play area in order that you can watch them perform. This is also a fantastic way to ensure your children are safe as you will be able to watch them easily.

Do you have any other tips on making a garden more accessible to children? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: ianus]