Best Bulbs to Plant in Autumn

If you want your garden to look its best throughout the entirety of the year you should ensure that you plant the correct bulbs at the right times. However, it can be difficult, unless you’re an avid gardener, to know which bulbs are best to plant and when you should plant them. The most rewarding thing about bulbs is that their transition from unattractive brown ball into blooming flower is so great. Find out which are the best to plant in autumn:


There is such a wide variety of different tulips that it is almost impossible to become bored of them. Ideally, you should plant a mixture of the different types of tulip in order to create some diversity. A classic choice would be Tulipa ‘Ballerina’, an orange that smells of orange boiled sweets, with Tulips ‘White Triumphator’ that matures into a crisp white flower. The pair complement each other wonderfully. These should be planted no later than November.


It is important, in order that your daffodils flower at the correct time in Spring, you plant them by the end of September. If planting in containers you can leave around one bulb’s space between them. However, if you are planting directly into the ground you should leave a little extra room. They are a fail-safe way of injecting some colour into your garden and make lovely gifts when picked.


Lilies are an easy bulb for beginners to deal with and can be planted in containers, meaning that even people with limited outside space are able to enjoy them. To ensure that they have flowered by Summer they should be planted no later than the middle of October. It is important to use large, deep containers as lilies do require plenty of space. Growing lilies will also mean you have your own supply of fresh flowers for the house.


Planting Hyacinth bulbs in the early Autumn will ensure flowering by April. They require good drainage, so if you are planting the flowers in containers, be sure to place on top of blocks to give them a helping hand. They don’t require huge amount of space: 3 inches between each bulb should allow plenty of growing room.

Anemone coronaria ‘Hollandia’

These are perhaps a less popular bulb choice, but that is not to say that they aren’t as beautiful as more favoured flowers. They look great along the front line of a garden border and will bloom to their fullest potential in the light and warmth of the full sun, flowering by April.

Once you have decided which bulbs you want to plant, you should decide which style container is most suitable. If the bulbs require lots of space, a traditional planter will probably be more practical, but the smaller plants will mean you can choose from a wide variety of pots and planters.

Do you have any more tips on the best bulbs to plant in Autumn? Share your ideas in the comments below!