Choosing The Correct Plant Containers

Everyone wants their garden to look perfect, but choosing the types of plants and flowers you want in your garden is just one step. It is important that you also choose the correct type of container in which to plant the plants and flowers, otherwise you may not do them enough justice. If you are unsure of how to choose the correct plant containers, here are some tips:

Consider Drainage

It is important that, before choosing a plant container for its aesthetic appeal, you consider its practicality. Drainage is just one necessity: ensure that the plant has enough holes to effectively allow excess water to drain out. It is important that these holes are not too big, however, as this could result in soil spillage.

Consider Porosity

Porosity refers to how porous the plant pot is, i.e. how much it will allow moisture and air to move through it- terracotta plants are usually the most porous. You will want a reasonably porous plant pot in order that the roots can obtain a sufficient amount of oxygen, allowing the plant to grow properly. However, if you choose a plant that is extremely porous, you will find that the soil dries out more quickly, meaning that the plant will need replacing more often and the plant will need more regular watering. If you do find the perfect terracotta pot, you can reduce the porosity by lining it with plastic.

Consider Support for Plants

If your plant is likely to grow tall, you may wish to consider a trellis panel as it will be able to provide the plant with extra support. These can also look pretty when placed against a wall in your garden.

Consider Width of Plants

It is important that you choose a plant pot that will be large enough, even when your plant is fully grown. You should research the maximum width, and well as maximum root spread of your plant to ensure that you choose a big enough plant pot.

Maximise Space

Flowers and plants are beautiful and can make a world of difference to any garden. In order to make the most of the space you have and to plant as many of your favourite plants and flowers as possible, why not choose a space-saving style of plant pot. Corner planters are great if you only have one area of the garden that gets much sun, but don’t want lots of separate pots. Alternatively, cascade-style planters is great for displaying different sets of flowers that all complement each other.

Do you have any tips and advice on choosing the correct plant containers? Share your ideas in the comments!