Choosing the right garden fire - A hot topic!

As the summer draws to a close, you’ll have noticed the dark evenings creeping in and the daily temperature dropping. But don’t let this scare you away from your outdoor area! There is still plenty of time to enjoy your garden, especially with the addition of a delightful outdoor fire

At Paving Superstore we just love good fiery debate, so let's have a look at the various styles and their, plus some useful Do's & Don't's:

Advantages of a garden fire: 

Fires are absolutely brilliant at creating a warm atmosphere (both physically and psychologically!) They are not only an impressive focal point for the garden, but they are also the natural gathering place of social meetings. So, whether you’re toasting marshmallows with the kids, having a romantic night in for two or are hosting a party, then they really can be a game changer. 

Just imagine, sitting around a toasty fire on a crisp evening with friends and family over a mug of hot chocolate… Bliss! 

Types of garden pits and bowls:

Stone Built Fire Pit

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  • Permanent feature
  • Typically emits more heat than bowls
  • Doubles up as a summer grill/BBQ 
  • Provides ambiance

Fire Bowl

  • Portable, so can be moved around the garden
  • Available in different sizes depending on your garden size
  • Can come with a plug, allowing it to double up as a water bowl
  • Provides ambiance

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Gas fires

  • Safer option if you have pets or young children
  • Portable, so can be moved around the garden
  • No smoke
  • Turn on and off easily
  • Holds up in the elements
  • Provides ambiance

Pros and cons of gas and wood:

Gas fire pros

  • Clean burning
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No maintenance whilst burning
  • Less fire hazards from sparks

Gas fire cons:

  • More expensive to run
  • Gas tank needed
  • Less rustic

Wood fire pros:

  • More affordable
  • Easier to install
  • Eye catching
  • More rustic experience

Wood fire cons: 

  • Not clean burning 
  • More dangerous
  • Take longer to light
  • More maintenance
  • Need regular cleaning


Whichever type of garden fire you decide to go for, remember to keep safety in mind! Take a look at our handy list below of things you can do to make every fire as safe as possible. 

  • Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby in case anything should get out of control. 
  • Make sure seating is a safe distance from the fire. Wood fires in particular can spit sparks, especially if the wood is damp or unseasoned! 
  • Always check the wind direction before deciding where to sit. If it’s particularly windy, don’t use the fire. 
  • Remember to keep long hair tied back and be aware of dangly items of clothing.
  • Store your seasoned logs away from the fire itself to avoid any stray sparks catching.
  • Always ensure embers are no longer glowing before you leave the fire unattended. 

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