Paving Superstore's Clearance Paving - Why is it Cheap?

We're often asked why our paving is offered at such a reduced price - presumably there must be something wrong with it. Well, you may be interested to know that there is nothing wrong with our paving, you will not be buying seconds or sub standard quality paving when you place your order with us. We simply sell huge volumes of paving from the major paving manufacturers and therefore obtain specially reduced rates that we can then pass onto you, our customers.

We also like to offer you clearance paving products from time to time as these offer even better value. These extra cheap paving slabs are most often surplus stocks that we're looking to sell quickly in order to release the space. These offers are usually based upon limited numbers and you will need to order quickly before the allocation has gone.

Very occasionally we will have some items that haven't quite come up to standard and we sometimes offer these for sale, but with a full description of the fault, for example, the paving maybe slightly thinner than the normal tolerance or the pack is a non standard configuration or it may be weathered and need cleaning. So you will always know in advance from the product description if this is the case.

Paving Superstore would like to assure you that all products offered for sale are genuine major brands of paving from the most recent manufacturers' brochures, so you can be safe and sound knowing that the quality is that which you would expect with a reliable brand.

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