Create a Christmas Wreath with your own Garden

Christmas wreaths are one of the sure signs that Christmas is well on its way and there is nothing quite like a real, fresh wreath on the front door! However, one thing that is better than a fresh Christmas wreath is a fresh Christmas wreath made from the produce of your own garden! Making your own wreath doesn’t have to be difficult, either, and it is much cheaper than buying one from a garden centre. Here is a step by step guide to making your own easy Christmas wreath!

1. Create the frame!

Bend a wire coat hanger into a circle for the frame, leaving the hook at the top if you wish to use it to hang the wreath on a door. If you wish to create a thicker, more bushy wreath you should consider using two or three coat hangers to make the circular frame in order that it is more supportive.

2. Disguise the frame!

Take long cuttings of grass to twist around the wire to disguise it. You should then attach it with either garden twine or lightweight floral wire, preferably green so that it is less visible. Wrap the twine or wire around the grass so that it can be used to keep other foliage on the wreath.

3. Create the body!

Collect cuttings from trees and shrubs that are between 8 and 10 inches long. This will form the main body of your wreath. Attach these by slotting them into the existing twists of twine or floral wire, securing with extra if necessary. Ideally you should use cuttings of a variety of different lengths and from different plants to give the wreath texture.

4. Add the flowers!

Bind small bunches of flowers and berries together, securing them with floral wire and slot these at regular intervals around the wreath. You could alternate different colours or sizes of flowers around the wreath to make it stand out.

5. Create texture!

Add extra texture through the use of acorns and pine cones, which are perhaps easiest attached using a hot glue gun. You could make these acorns and pine cones more festive by sprinkling them with glitter or spraying them with silver or gold paint before adding them to the wreath.

6. Add the decorations!

Now that you have added the fresh pieces from the garden to your wreath, it is time to make it more Christmassy. Tie ribbons around the wreath to give it a luxury feel- a single large velvet ribbon is sure to make a statement, whilst smaller metallic ribbons will add a sparkly touch to the wreath. You could also add miniature baubles or other tree decorations if you wish to make your wreath more modern.

7. Display them!

Traditionally a wreath would be hung on the front door of your home, but depending on your taste (or on how many wreaths you make) you can hang them wherever you wish around your home- why not make a few and decorate them according to the different colour schemes of your rooms and perhaps set them on the sideboard instead of hanging them up!

Do you have any more tips on how to make a Christmas wreath using produce from your garden? Share your ideas in the comments!