Create the Perfect Summer Garden hideaway!

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy the weather - even if it is a little short lived in the UK!

From holidays abroad to day trips to the British seaside, there’s loads of stuff to do in the summer months to keep you and the family entertained. But why not bring the fun closer to home? By kitting out your garden, you can bring the fun to you! From family BBQs to garden parties, the possibilities are endless when you have a gorgeous garden to show off.

At Paving Superstore, we have everything you need to transform your garden space in time for summer - here’s our summer garden guide to help you create a gorgeous garden that will be the envy of your whole neighbourhood this sunny season!


A BBQ is at the heart of any summer party, it’s the perfect excuse to gather the family and friends around for a feast on a rare sunny day - it’s a British tradition! Whether you’re looking for a budget burner to put away when the sun goes in or you want a permanent fixture to uplift your garden landscape, we have a huge range of beautiful barbies on sale to suit you.

For those on a budget: Rowlinson Alberta BBQ

If you’re looking for a budget BBQ that you can get out when the sun’s out, the Rowlinson Alberta BBQ is the perfect garden addition. This Australian style barbeque has four gas fuelled burners, ideal for getting the grill going to feed a whole load of hungry mouths!

For those looking for a permanent fixture: Martinica Masonry BBQ

This BBQ is ideal for overhauling the look of your garden, as it’s as eye-catching as it is functional. Made from reinforced concrete, this outdoor cooker is ultimately tough, making it’s way through the worst winters with ease. 



What would a garden be without furniture? After all, if you’re throwing a party, your guests need somewhere to sit! If you’re not a fan of the idea of bringing your dining chairs outside, why not invest in some stunning garden furniture from Paving Superstore. We have loads of gorgeous sets waiting to transform your garden area!

The perfect allrounder: Rowlinson Bali Garden Furniture Set

This outdoor dining set is perfect for anyone looking to throw a dinner party outside this summer, offering plenty of space for you to invite all your nearest and dearest. This set has eight chairs, an extendable table and a parasol, ideal for keeping your guests in the shade when the sun comes out. No matter what your plans for summer are, this set is tailored to your needs and the demands of the weather, as it can be simply folded away when the rain and cold hits!

Buy the Rowlinson Bali Garden Furniture Set for ultimate outdoor comfort this summer.


Outdoor Heating

Although sunny days in Britain are fabulous, when night falls the chill rolls back around. However, there’s nothing nicer than sitting out under the clear skies with friends to relax at night. To make the most of these little moments, and outdoor heater will keep you all warm and toasty while allowing you to appreciate the fresh night air. From budget heaters to large fire pits, we have something to suit every style and size of garden.

For those with a small garden: Outdoor Infrared Heater-Aluminium Die Cast-1300W

These infrared heaters are popular in bars and restaurants, keeping punters of beer gardens warm and cosy all night long. If you’re looking to create a social space in your garden to be used day and night, one of these heaters will fit on any wall with ease, taking up minimal space while creating enough heat to keep you and your mates comfortable. Buy one of our Outdoor Infrared Heater-Aluminium Die Cast-1300W Lamps to keep your guests happy this summer!

For those with space for a new garden feature: Adezz Corten Steel Fire Bowl

This visually stunning fire bowl is available in five sizes to suit you, so no matter how much space you have to spare, you’ll find a Adezz Corten Steel Fire Bowl to compliment your garden. This fire bowl is coated in a layer of protective rust, so no matter how bad the weather gets through the rest of the year, it won’t affect the look of this stunning feature. This fire bowl is designed for the best airflow to keep your fire going for as long as possible, perfect for anyone looking for a place outside to chill out and relax on long summer nights!