Creating Shelter in Your Garden

Unfortunately, given the unreliable British weather,  just because it is summer, doesn’t mean to say that there will be no rain so having somewhere to shelter for your guests to retreat from an unexpected rain shower is vital! On the other hand, shelter is also important for when the sun does make a fierce appearance, giving you somewhere cooler and away from the sun where you can still enjoy being in the garden. If you need some inspiration about different types of shelter in your garden, this guide could help!


Using a parasol for shelter in your garden isn’t ideal for protecting you from rain, but they are great for providing some sun shelter. You can buy parasols in a variety of different colours and sizes, meaning you will be able to find the perfect one for your garden!


Gazebos are another traditional garden shelter, but they will provide shelter from at least a light shower. Gazabos are available in a variety of sizes, meaning you will be able to find one either small enough for your garden space, or big enough to shelter all of your family and friends. You can also buy fold away gazebos, if you will only want them in your garden occasionally, or, if you have the space, you might choose a permanent gazebo

3.Summer Houses

Of course, not everyone will have the space for a summer house in their garden. However, if you do, they are a quaint addition to your outside space and they are ideal for entertaining guests in should it rain, or when the evening chill sets in. Summer houses are brilliant because they also double up as a storage space for sun loungers, seat cushions and children’s garden toys, keeping them separate from tools in the shed.

4.Get inventive

If you are into reusing and recycling old materials in your garden, there is no reason that you can’t do this to provide shelter. Old boat sails would look fantastic, if stretched and tied across your chosen area and they will add a nautical feel to any garden.

5.Log cabins

If your budget will stretch a little further, and if you have the space in your garden, a log cabin is a great and sturdy way of creating shelter in your garden. Not only will you be able to make use of your log cabin in the summer months, it can be used all year round! This makes it ideal to perhaps use as an extra room to use for entertaining guests, and could also be used as a place for family and friends to stay! Log cabins can be pricy, but they are a very good investment.

Do you have a favourite way of creating shelter in the garden? Perhaps you have come up with an inventive way of recycling to make shelter? Share your ideas in the comments!

[Photo Credit: kusine]