Driveway Paving Inspiration 2017

If you live in an area where the ongoing war for a parking space is getting too much, why not take away the stress and get your own driveway? Not only will off street parking add value to your house, a high quality driveway will also add instant kerb appeal!

When it comes to choosing a new driveway, there are loads of options to consider; from block paving to gravel or slate, you can create you own unique stamp on your property with your choice of drive. But which one should you choose?

There are many factors in this decision, ranging from style to cost:

Style - is your house traditional, rustic, modern? Match your driveway to the style of the house

Colour - As well as picking a colour you like, remember to choose a paving colour that compliments the house and area, as well as your personal taste

Function - As a driveway, you have to take into consideration the function as well as aesthetics of your driveway (traffic, footfall, weight of what will be parked on it etc etc)

Cost - Set out a budget before you start looking to narrow down the possibilities of your new driveway


Block Paving

For a driveway that can withstand the daily pressure of one or more parked cars, block paving is just the solution. Block paving is tough and durable, ideal for having cars parked on it day in day out. As well as being effortlessly practical, block paving is also stylish, available in a variety of colours and styles to suit any landscape. Block paving has the ability to enhance the overall look of the property, so make sure you pick an aesthetically pleasing style of block paving - don’t be too garish but don’t be dull by matching the paving identically to the house.

Before you choose your blocks, take a look at other people’s gardens for inspiration, especially those with a similar style property to yourself. Block paving instantly adds kerb appeal to your home, as well as value - making it an ultimately wise choice!

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Large Driveway Slabs

Although there is a risk of cracking, large driveway slabs are ultimately strong, ideal for having cars parked on them day after day.  

Large driveway slabs create a sleek and modern driveway appearance, great for those with a contemporary style home. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, you can add your own personal touch to your driveway with paving slabs. Whether you choose a sultry shade of granite or a light sandstone palette,  you can create one of the most visually pleasing driveways using large driveway slabs. Not only do they look create, they are also effortlessly tough and low maintenance, besides potential weed growth in future years.

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Gravel/ Slate Driveway

As one of the cheaper options, just after tarmac and concrete, gravel and slate driveways are ideal for those working on a budget.

Gravel and slate offer an environmentally friendly, no nonsense solution to driveways, as they are quick and easy to lay and replace, as well as requiring minimal maintenance during their lifespan. Not only this, but if you decide you no longer like your driveway or want to change it, it’s easy to reverse gravel and slate. Available in a huge variety of colours, textures and styles, you can create a stylish and modern driveway without breaking the bank.

On top of looks, gravel and slate also adds security to your garden, creating a good deterrent for burglars, as it’s impossible to walk across without making any noise. It’s also easier for drainage! The plus points just keep on coming…

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Cobbled Driveway

Cobbles are one of the most traditional, timeless and British forms of driveway paving, offering a rustic yet strong driveway that will last for generations without any signs of wear and tear.

Ideal for older houses and period properties, cobbles are  grand and plush looking, without requiring heavy maintenance to keep up their amazing appearance. If fitted properly, cobbles can last up to 100 years with the correct maintenance, so you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth if you opt for a cobble sett driveway!

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