Family Garden Design Ideas

When you have a family, it can be difficult to ensure that your garden is designed to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of age. These tips are definitely something to keep in mind!

Be Practical

Practicality is one of the most important aspects of a family garden considering it will be used in so many ways: to store gardening tools and equipment, to store toys and other garden accessories, therefore being clever with space is important. Although a dainty garden table may look pretty and elegant, a box table with a removable lid is a much more family friendly solution as it can be used to store your garden paraphernalia. Also, as such tables would be simple to make yourself, it can also help keep costs down- a must for many families! Similar seating that doubles as storage is also a very practical solution to a shortage of garden storage.

Create Some Privacy

A family garden will be used by children playing and for entertaining guests meaning that privacy is a must! This privacy can be achieved through tall bushes and shrubbery, brick walls or fencing. Grouping trees together at particularly visible parts of the garden and planting climbers are also good ways to create this privacy. However, it is essential that you consider your neighbours before going ahead with this- will you be blocking any sunlight into their garden?

Plan Your Seating Area

Whilst adults may prefer to soak up the seldom seen English sun in the garden, it is important to consider that children are more sensitive and will thus need some time in the shade, especially whilst eating. Therefore, if it is difficult to meet both needs in one space, be sure to invest in a large parasol to provide shade to those who require it. Similarly, it would be preferable to have children in view whilst they play, in order to reduce risks of accidents, thus, where possible, position at least some seating around their play area. Children will love this as they will feel the centre of attention.

Keep It Comfortable

Your adult self may be swayed more towards the aesthetics of a modern and minimalist garden space, however you must remember that the space must also be comfortable for children. A great way to ensure this is through the use of large cushions, either waterproof or ones that can be easily taken inside. Alternatively, brightly coloured bean bags will not only brighten your garden, but will be popular amongst children, leaving the proper seating for you.

Consider Your Pets

Of course, when designing a family garden, it’s vital that you consider the needs of family pets. If they are to be left unattended for any amount of time, it may be wise to create a specific separate area in which they will be safe. Not only will this reduce the risks of them escaping, it will also ensure that borders and lawns are kept free from unwanted digging.

Do you have any other tips on how to make gardens suitable for families? Let us know in the comments section!

[Photo Credit: rocketlass]