Garden Border Design Ideas

If you’re spending money on revamping your garden, it’s a given that you want people to notice. Perhaps you want it to look similar and fit in with the other gardens on your street, but need some ideas on how to do it well. Or perhaps you want your garden to look different and stand out, but you aren’t sure how or where to start. Hopefully, these tips and ideas can help you!

1. Use A Hose

This is for those who want something different, but who don’t want to spend a lot or appear too outrageous. Most people have an old hose or two in their shed, or are able to obtain one in some manner, and they can make a fantastic garden border. Woven around wooden, metal or plastic poles in the ground (metal will be harder wearing) not only do they nicely finish a planting area in your garden, they make great use of old otherwise unused materials.

2. Brick It Up

There are few things more annoying in the garden than being unable to mow your lawn right up to the edge of your border, but this problem can be fixed. Laying a border of bricks flat in the ground in order that they are level with your lawn means that you are able to easily cut your grass right up to the edges. You don’t have to use plain, boring bricks- experiment with colours and shapes to add an extra interesting feature to your garden.

3. Keep It Natural

Borders don’t always have to look clean cut and perfectly finished, in fact sometimes a natural, more relaxed look can better suit a garden. These natural finishes can also be easier to put into place because it isn’t quite so important that they are completely neat. Large rocks and stones would be an ideal method to achieve this look, likewise are stone spheres. Similarly, bamboo and woven twigs could be an option for creating this natural border look in your garden.

4. Stay Simple

When budgets are tight, it is often best to stay simple- elaborate and complicated ideas can risk looking bad if done on too tight a budget. A simple and inexpensive option for bordering your garden is shingle, gravel and other small stones. The great thing about these stones is that they are available in a wide range of colours and materials which can be mixed to create an interesting feature.

5. Make Use Of Contrast

If you do choose traditional raised brick borders, but want it to look different, using contrasting colours is a great way to make an impact. It’s incredibly simple, too: if your plants and flowers are dark, use lighter coloured bricks; if your plants are pale and soft colours, use dark bricks.

It is always important to have a strong idea of budget before you start any garden project, and to be strict when buying materials. The only thing worse than a tired looking garden is a half- finished garden.


Do you have more garden border design ideas? Let us know!

[Photo Credit:  Leimenide ]