Gardening Tasks for April

The beginning of another month means we are one step closer to the start of Summer. However, it is important that you keep up to date with your monthly garden tasks to ensure that your garden will be in perfect condition for you to enjoy it when the warmer weather finally arrives! This guide will tell you all that you need to do in your garden this April!

Be aware of final frosts

Whilst the gradual movement into Spring does mean warmer mornings, the possibility of frost is still there. As a result of this, you should avoid putting out any tender plants until the end of the month, especially if you aren’t planning on covering them. In fact, even if you do wait until the end of April you should be prepared to cover the plants at night in order to avoid any frost damage.

Add fertiliser to soil and mulch

The slight increase in temperatures means that your garden soil will have warmed slightly, encouraging plants to start growing. However, before the growing gets into full swing, you should be sure to fertilise and mulch the soil in order to provide the plants with as much nutrients as possible. You should pay particular attention to your fruit and vegetable patches as well as your garden borders.

Eliminate Slugs and Snails

It seems that slugs and snails love nothing more than to feed on our most prized plants and flowers that we want to look beautiful for summer, so this is a perfect time to rid them from our gardens. The pests particularly love tulips and delphiniums, beautiful summer flowers. To get rid of these slugs and snails, you should opt for pet-friendly pellets to avoid harming any other animals in your garden. You should also surround the bases of your plants with liquid slug killer to prevent any coming up from underground or from climbing up the stems, and you should hand pick snails off when you notice them. Encouraging birds into your garden with bird baths and bird houses will also help get rid of the pests as they will feed off them.

Plant bulbs for Summer

April is the perfect month to take the time to plant any hardier summer bulbs that have not yet been planted, as well as any unsprouted dahlias. This will mean they’ll look beautiful for when you wish to spend a summer’s day relaxing in the garden! To ensure they grow best you should make sure that the soil is good and rich, and plant the bulbs at least four inches deep.

Tidy the Lawn

Providing that the infamous April showers keep at bay, you should take the time to tidy up your garden lawn. Give the grass a mow all over, and tidy up the edges of the lawn with a strimmer. If there are any sparse areas, you should sprinkle over some grass seeds, as well as covering the area in moss and weed killer.

Do you have any more tips or advice on what to do in your garden in April? Share your ideas in the comments below.

[Photo Credit: Julie70 ]