Gardening Tasks for January

Once again, the start of another month (and a new year, this time!) means a new list of things to do in the garden. Whether you have made a New Year’s Resolution to begin taking more care of the garden, or if you like to keep up to date and on top of things outside, here are some of the most important things you should be doing in your garden this January.

Use Your Christmas Tree For Mulch

This may seem strange, but there are few better ways to discard of your Christmas tree than recycling it by shredding it to use for mulch. Christmas trees are very textured, meaning they will make a fantastic mulching material, and it means you get double your money’s worth! Simply put the tree into a shredder, and sprinkle the produce over soil to prevent weeds and to help the soil retain moisture. You can also add any leftover parts of the tree to decompose in your compost heap!

Prune Apple and Pear Trees

Pruning the trees is important not only in order that they look neat and tidy but so that they can continue to grow strong and healthy. Removing dead branches and leaves from trees will reduce the risk of diseases which could infect the fruits and will mean that the alive parts of the tree can get all of the sunlight that they need.

Plan Vegetable Crop Rotations

While it may seem a little early to be planning your vegetable crop rotations in January, there is nothing wrong with being prepared as it means the task will be much easier and quicker to complete when the time comes around.

Lay Stepping Stones

With levels of rainfall expected to increase, you may want to consider laying stepping stones over your lawn or grass area to prevent it from becoming muddy and to encourage people to take one certain route across the garden, preventing damage to the lawn area. Stepping stones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and at different prices, so there are some to suit every garden and every budget.

Monitor Water Levels In Your Pond

The risk of hard frosts at this time of year can pose as a threat to the lining of your pond liner and any concrete pond structures. It is normal for there to be a slight variation in the water levels, but any considerable changes probably means there is a leak somewhere. Whilst it would not be suitable to make any repairs at this time of year, you should keep the pond topped up until you can make repairs in Spring.

Leave Fresh Water And Food For Birds

This is important for the entirety of the cold weather as water sources may freeze over and it may be difficult for them to find food. Refresh this every few days to keep it fresh, or more regularly if it needs replacing.

Are there any garden tasks that you carry out every January? Share your ideas in the comments!

[Photo Credit:  Shelley & Dave]