Gardening Tasks for June

For the first time this year, you probably won’t mind completing these garden tasks because the weather is finally starting to resemble something a little like summer. As a result of the warmer weather, you might be spending more time in your garden, meaning you’re probably keeping the basics, such as mowing the lawn, up to date. However, if you are unsure of what else there is to do in the garden in June, this guide could help you.

Fill Up the Bird Baths

As the weather gets warmer it will be harder for birds to find water source for drinking. This is why it is important to ensure that you regularly fill up and refresh the water in your bird bath to provide them with a fresh supply.

Deadhead your plants

Less rain means there is a higher chance of plants and flowers drying out. You should regularly deadhead your plants of any spent flowers and leaves. This will keep your plant containers and flower beds looking bright and fresh for summer.

Reuse water

Once again, the lack of rain in summer means that you might be using your garden hose a lot more than at other times of the year. However, you can avoid using fresh water, thus running up your water bill by reusing washing up and bath water (providing that it’s not too dirty and doesn’t contain too much detergent.

Prepare for Winter

You might think it’s too early to start planning for winter when summer has only just arrived, but you can never be too prepared. If you want pansies and wallflowers in your garden over winter and spring you should begin planting these over the next month.

Look after Strawberries

The all-time favourite summer fruit is now starting to make an appearance. You should surround the strawberry plants with straw which helps to keep the fruit off the floor and prevents the risk of botrytis which is caused by soil splash.

Sow Vegetable Seeds

Growing vegetables in your garden is a great way to save money and make sure that you have a fresh supply of produce. However, you should avoid sowing whole seed packets at a time, you will have far more many plants that necessary. If you find the prospect of growing vegetables from their seeds a little daunting, buying plantlets of them from garden centres is the perfect solution. You will be able to buy a selection of vegetables, salads and herbs,so get planting and look forward to your fresh vegetable supply.

Prune your trees

Pruning trees in your garden, such as cherry, plum and apricot trees will keep them looking tidy over summer. It will also prevent the problematic fungal disease infection known as ‘silver leaf’.

What garden tasks would you suggest are essential during June? Share your ideas in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: ukgardenphotos]