5 Creative Uses for Sheds

Your Next Garden Project: The Garden Shed…

Sheds are more than just a great garden storage option; in fact, out of the 60% of Brits who own a shed, 17% say they would like to live in theirs!

If you're looking for a versatile and functional addition to your outdoor space, a garden shed is an excellent choice. But a garden shed is more than just a storage space - it can be transformed into a variety of different rooms and spaces, depending on your needs and interests.

So, what are people using their sheds for which makes them such a sacred space? Prepare to be inspired…

1. Gardening Convenience:

A neat way to store your gardening tools and accessories – if you’re green-fingered, your garden shed is an essential storage space, giving you easy access to tools and other gardening supplies. If space is limited why not consider a potting shed that's ideal for bringing on seeds and potting up. 

Forest Shiplap Potting Shed

Mercia Potting Shed

Mercia Greenhouse Combi Shed

Rowlinson Heritage Shed

Mercia Overlap Shed


2. Library:

Famous authors such as Roald Dahl and Agatha Christie wrote stories from their sheds. So why not create your very own shed library? Grab a beanbag and your favourite book for a peaceful afternoon. Perfect for book worms!

3. Games Room:

Relax with good company in your very own garden shed games room. It’s an ideal place to store those beloved family board games, from a relaxing game of chess to a not-so relaxing game of Monopoly, arguing over who bought Mayfair!

4. Bar/Pub:

Miss going out to your local? Why not create your very own private garden bar?! Get a little music on with some speakers, turn on the mood lighting, and put up the dart board. No need to wait hours for the taxi home, you can just stroll back down your garden path.

Mercia Pressure Treated Garden Bar

Forest Shiplap Garden Bar

Rowlinson Garden Bar

5. Creative Space:

Be inspired by your shed – whether it’s painting, writing, composing music or crafts, your garden shed can be the perfect space to sit and create. In jazz terminology, to ‘shed’ is to shut yourself away from the world to practice. Listen to your favourite music in peace, away from the rest of the world, giving you the space you need to get creative.

We could go on with more uses for garden sheds, but we’d be here all day – the options are endless! Let’s move on to the practical side of sheds…

Why Choose Wood?

  • Naturally insulated:
    Being a natural insulator, wood is a great material for garden sheds, keeping warmer in the winter than its metal or plastic counterparts.
  • All about the aesthetics:
    Natural materials, such as wood, blend seamlessly into most outdoor areas. The natural, earthy colours and textures look great in garden, and are easily stained and painted if you’d like to colour match your garden.
  • Easy to assemble/replace:
    With a little help from a friend, wooden garden sheds can be erected within a matter of hours. All you’ll need are basic garden tools, such as a screwdriver and a hammer. Wooden sheds are also much easier to fix up if they become damaged, you’ll have no trouble finding the parts you need. However, if you practice good wood maintenance, you won’t need to find a replacement part!
  • Less Planning Permission:
    Some structures such as metal storage areas require planning permission. However, a wooden garden shed usually doesn’t require planning permission as it doesn’t need a large foundation; so you’re free to start putting it together.

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