How to Create a Colourful Winter Container

Just because the sun isn’t shining quite as brightly as we’d like, our gardens can still look bright and colourful during the winter months. While the soil may not be at its best quality for growing plants in the cold weather, there are ways around this problem, and creating a colourful winter containment can be the perfect solution. Don’t know where to start when it comes to making a container? Don’t worry; this guide could help you.

What do I need before I start planting?

You should ensure that you have a container large enough to accommodate all of the plants and flowers you will want. The plants and flowers won’t grow properly, or look as good, if they are overcrowded in the container.
Top tip: Reuse old items as containers to save money, and the environment. What about an old large watering can, or perhaps a wheelbarrow?

Which plants and flowers are suitable?

There is a huge range of different plants and flowers you could include in your winter container, you just need to decide what look it is that you’re aiming for.

Perfect for…

  • A bright burst of colour: Choose bright, clashing colours, such as pinks and orange. Why not try some pretty pink primula and yellow ornamental peppers? Not only will they give you a splash of colour in the garden, they are easy to maintain and should be watered sparingly.
  • A bit of summer in the winter: Opt for dark green foliage, paired with bright yellow and orange flowers to really make the colours pop. The flowers to try are Helenium and Pansies. Not only are Helenium a gorgeous bright shade of orange, they are incredibly affordable, and Pansies are perfect as they will grow equally well in part-shade as the sun.
  • A winter woodland look: This would look best in a wooden or wicker container to keep with the woodland style. A mixture of green and red or pink plants always looks best for this style of container. You should consider choosing ivy for the green  and flowers such as Gaultheria mucronata for the reddish-pink element. You could also add some white flowers, such as white heathers, for even more of a woodland feel.

What maintenance do the containers need?

The type and amount of maintenance a winter container will need much depends on the type of plants you decide to put in it. In general, you should ensure that the plants are kept well-watered, likewise it is important to make sure that plants are fed properly with a slow-releasing granule fertiliser. Otherwise, general pruning and de-heading of flowers is the extent to which most containers need any maintenance.

Do you have any tips on how to create a colourful winter container? Perhaps there’s a specific plant that you like to have in your garden during the winter months. Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: [ Simply Garden Design ]