How To Plant A Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets can be a beautiful addition to your garden as we are approaching the spring season. The great thing about hanging baskets is that it does not matter how little or much garden floor space you have, everyone can make use of one! In fact, you can even place them inside your house if you wish. Of course, you can buy pre-made hanging baskets, but making your own can be just as easy and it means you can customise them to include which ever plants, colours and foliage you want! Not sure where to begin? This guide should help you!

Step 1: Choose your basket

It might sound obvious, but there are so many different types of hanging baskets to choose from that making a decision on which one could be difficult. You should take the style of your garden into account and choose one that fits in well. It’s also important to choose an appropriately sized basket for the plants you wish to put in it. What’s really important is that the basket has holes in so that water can drain out, avoiding waterlogged soil when you water the plants.

Step 2: Line the basket

Lining your basket means that soil won’t fall out of the drainage holes. The two most popular materials for lining hanging baskets are sphagnum moss and polythene. If you choose polythene, be sure to make small holes in it to avoid soil becoming waterlogged. You could even combine both materials to ensure maximum water retention, thus less need for watering.

Step 3: Add the soil

Choose a good quality soil, as plants in hanging baskets won’t have the natural goodness that plants in the ground have. Mix with a slow-release fertiliser before filling the basket.

Step 4: Choose your plants

When choosing your plants, it’s important to make sure that they’re appropriate for basket growth. Popular plants and flowers for hanging baskets include:

  • Gypsophilia
  • Long-flowering geraniums
  • Verbena
  • Begonia
  • Pansies
  • Fuchsias

Step 5: Hang the basket

Where you place your hanging basket will depend on why you want it. Perhaps you want to disguise something unsightly in your garden, perhaps you want to decorate an otherwise bare area, or perhaps you just want to see your favourite flowers! Whatever your reason, try to choose a spot that will give the plants enough, but not too much, sunlight. It is also important that the basket is hung securely to avoid any accidents. Consider that the basket will become heavier after watering so make sure the fittings are strong.

Step 6: Care for the basket

Water your basket according to the different plants in it, taking the recent rainfall into consideration. A hose with a gentle setting would be perfect to reach high hanging baskets, as would a watering can with a long spout.

Do you have any tips or advice on making a hanging basket? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

[Photo Credit:  neebong]