How to Use Art in Your Garden

You’ve planted borders, you’ve bought some new garden furniture and you’ve got some bright accessories, but you aren’t quite satisfied that your garden looks the best it could. What else is there to do? Introduce some art! Some of you will be more daring and will invest in some serious pieces of artwork, but it doesn’t have to be too adventurous (or expensive!) to make a difference! This guide should help you decide what art is right for you and your garden and how you can use it into your garden.

Choose Something Personal

Your garden art doesn’t have to be anything specifically designed by a real artist. It could simply be an object that is special to you and your family, perhaps something that you found or bought on a family trip or holiday. You could even dedicate a Sunday to getting the family together to work on something as a team!

Stay True to Your Style

Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment a little bit, but it’s important that you keep in line with the style of your garden. Sometimes bringing a bit of modernity into a traditional space can be a good thing (and vice versa), but you shouldn’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work.

Use Normal Objects as Art

A piece of art doesn’t have to be quirky and eccentric, you could simply used objects such as oversized vases and pots. Be sure to have a look around your garden shed and garage for things that you don’t use anymore; an old wheelbarrow filled used as a planter could look great!

Include it in your Paving

Incorporating a pattern into your patio paving stones or garden path can be a perfect way to add subtle art into your garden. You could do this by simply using a variety of different colours, including some mosaic pebbles and tiles or actually creating pictures in the paving area.

Choose Something Useful

If you’re going to spend money on buying a piece of artwork for your garden and give up some of your valuable garden space you should make sure it’ll have a use in your garden. Why not opt for a sundial or perhaps a birdbath, which will also attract wildlife into your garden?

Consider its Longevity

There’s very little point in spending money on this artwork for your garden if it’s not going to be durable and weatherproof. If you’re going to choose a vase, opt for pottery as a general rule as glass ones aren’t usually suitable for outside use. Likewise, if it’s a piece of wall art that you want to include in your garden, ensure that the materials used to create it are going to withstand the wind and rain.


Do you have any tips or advice on choosing the right type of art for a particular garden space? Perhaps there’s a piece of art that you choose that completely changed the way your garden looked; tell us in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: Gardening Melody ]