This year's Key Colour Trends for Outdoor Porcelain Paving...


We all know powerful and transformational colour can be - It can elevate the previously-drab and breathe new life into any area. Outdoor paving is no different! You may not consider yourself a design expert, but never fear, with this season’s key colour trends, it’s pretty hard to go far wrong.

If we at Paving Superstore haven’t already inspired you to transform your outdoor area, this year’s cool contrasting greys and relaxed neutral tones may finally have you ready to pick out some gorgeous tiles for your outdoor space. We’ll show you how clever use of darker shades of paving can evoke a sense of harmony or set off your lovely plants to their best effect. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of ‘bold’ statements, either, as 2019 is seeing a huge comeback for outdoor paving in neutral shades, too.

Using colour to set the scene...

Indoors, we eat, work, sleep, and generally do everyday stuff. But outdoor living areas are a place to step (out) into and relax. Somewhere private, yet away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and living room. Somewhere you can take a deep breath of fresh air and relax.

Your paving plays a bigger part than one might initially think; after all, it provides a backdrop for everything else that you might usually focus on. Your plants, furniture, feature pieces, and more all can be contrasted against or blended into the paving that you pick—which is why paving slabs or tiles are the starting point for everything! If you don’t know where to start, think of the ideal ‘feel’ you want in your garden, and work back from there. You don’t have to be a Monet or Renoir to know whether you’d like an airy, spacious patio or somewhere warm and tropical. Even “I fancy something clean-looking” is a very good start, and we’ll show you why!

Neutral shades: Versatile elegance

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring—far from it, in fact. Neutral paving slabs span everything from cream porcelain paving to charcoal and black tiles! Neutral shades offer an uncomplicated backdrop for your choice of elegant or vibrant furniture, and they create a relaxed setting for you to spice up or further tone down as you wish.

Keeping it natural is easy as can be with neutral outdoor paving this year, which is why it’s one of the hottest trends we’ve seen here at Paving Superstore.

Choose grey!

It doesn’t get much more versatile than neutral or beautiful grey, either, with this year’s most popular options seeing exotic names like Vitripiazza paving and Eclipse paving take the limelight. Because porcelain paving has become such a must-have this year, and because we’ve seen so many fresh new porcelain indoor/outdoor tiles released for 2019, grey is now everywhere.

Make no mistake, that’s far from boring, with grey offering unlimited potential. With warmer, darker shades being popular in contemporary homes, it’s easy to pick a feature colour that will contrast against your grey paving for a bold effect. One example we’ve noticed is light grey paving coupled with the brighter, eye-catching warm tones of feature pots like Adezz Corten Steel Andes planters. A perfect backdrop for your Spring outdoor dining plans.

Go darker!

Of course, there are more than a few shades of grey to play around with. If you’re not a fan of neutral or lighter shades, it’s easy to create contrast with dark paving as a backdrop. In modern properties, especially, relaxed charcoal and blacks are also a handy way to keep things looking clean. And we mean that in a practical way, too—what’s better than easy-wipe, black limestone for a long-lasting solution?

If that sounds brilliant, our Natural Paving Riven Limestone Classicstone Carbon Black Kadapha slabs are a popular choice for outside spaces.

How can I possibly decide?

Never been great with decisions? That’s not a problem! Paving your dream outdoor space doesn’t mean you need to stick with one colour consistently. It’s simple as can be to create sectioned paving areas using different tones and hues. We’d even go so far as to recommend it, if you’re hoping to create a dining area, a ‘quiet’ area, and somewhere for the kids to play. With instant walling, you can create separate spaces for each, and decorate one with charcoal limestone paving, or another in ebony paving.

Or, design your garden path in hardy grey graphite with Natural Paving Riven Sandstone Classicstone Monsoon Graphite slabs, and save the fancy Porcelain Eclipse Stellar slabs for where you entertain. There’s lots to love about this year’s paving colour trends! Visit our Inspiration Centre to see the hottest trends and check out different ideas for your property. What catches your eye?