Natural Stone Wall Cladding - How to Cover an Ugly Wall

When you move into an existing property, the garden often has a legacy of tastes and styles from several decades past, showing signs of abandonment borne through frustration and a simple lack of knowledge of how to make things better. Unlike indoors, which is straightforward to tackle, outside seems more of a daunting task and without enlisting specialist help, the job of undertaking challenging landscaping work is often put off. Simple tasks such as adding pots and planters, digging over the beds and borders and mowing the lawn is manageable and achievable, but serious earthmoving and construction work is just too difficult for many. Several hard-landscaping tasks such as paving and walling are left to the experts instead of being attempted by the DIY enthusiast, when in fact, with the right guidance and preparation, some of this work could be attempted very successfully and with good results by the home-owner.


Mint Wall Cladding Mint Sandstone Wall Cladding
One such example and one which creates an instant change in appearance is to cover an existing ugly wall with natural stone cladding. This relatively new product is made from small pieces of natural stone bonded to a backing plate to make a rigid, sectional building material. Each section measures around 600 x 200 mm, however may be cut to size using a disk-cutter with diamond blade to get the right fit. The sections are then bonded onto the face of an existing wall with a special adhesive and 'voila', instant improvement.
The wall cladding products offered by Paving Superstore come in a range of different stone types and colours, from the lightest cream of sandstone and the pearlescent tones of quartzite through to the darker satin grey and rust colours of slate. Some of the stone segments are sawn for a contemporary styled finish whereas others are left with their natural irregularities to give the impression of a rustic, drystone wall. Whatever your tastes, we're sure you'll agree, that natural stone wall-cladding makes a remarkable difference to the appearance of an ugly wall and instead of trying to hide the eyesore, you'll want to make a feature of the wall!


Rustic Slate Wall Cladding Rustic Slate Wall Cladding

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