Our Favourite Garden Games and Toys

Now that the weather is beginning to improve, you will probably want to encourage the children to spend as much time outside as possible, instead of lounging in front of the television all day. It can be difficult to persuade them to play outside, but if you invest in some of these garden toys or play some of these games that task may be made easier! However, these games aren’t just for the kids, you and your friends will have tonnes of fun with them, too!


This is an old garden game classic and is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun in your garden! The great thing about swingball is that you can either play it in pairs or as a single player, meaning that you don’t need to get a large group of people together to play it. You also don’t need a large garden to play this, as long as the space is big enough for the ball to safely swing around. You can buy Swingball sets online  or in most toy shops!


Of course, you don’t need a whole football team of people to play this game, anything from two people up is perfect, meaning that no one gets left out. You can play this with your children as well, which is great. You can set up your own obstacles as goals, or buy inexpensive goal posts if you have the space.

Four in a row

This is another garden classic and is a great encouragement to get outside, even for those who are less keen on sports. It’s a simple game so people of all ages can play it and enjoy the fun. Buy your garden-sized four in a row online.

Crazy golf

Everyone enjoys a game of crazy golf, and you don’t have to go to the seaside to enjoy it! You can buy crazy golf sets online and in toy shops at reasonable prices. This would make a great gift for someone with a spring or summer birthday!

Snakes and Ladders

This is another classic game that both adults and children like. How could you make it any better? Supersize it and play it outside! You can buy your garden snakes and ladders set online and it most toy shops!

What are you favourite garden toys and games? Share your ideas in the comments!

[Photo Credit: Mark Kenny ]