The Garden Trends Taking Over in 2018

2018 is here and already we are seeing a change in domestic landscaping projects. Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends and nothing is different for avid gardeners and those that love their outdoor space.

So, let’s have a look at some of the garden trends that are taking over already in 2018 so you can get some inspiration for your next big project!



In 2018, everyone wants a touch of the Mediterranean in their garden! This includes having the perfect setting for alfresco dining; can you think of anything better than enjoying dinner with family and friends outside in the garden?

To create the perfect patio, check out the beautiful circle feature kits we have on offer. This can create an eye-catching area in your garden where you can enjoy alfresco dining.



Copper is in right now, especially in gardens across the UK. So, why not add some copper to your garden paving? We love the Marshalls Paving Porcelain 'Symphony Natural' Copper, which are sure to complement any traditional or contemporary style home. The paving boasts a stunning dark grey background like traditional slate, but with rich gold, amber and copper shades running through the stone. This will look great on your patio!

In addition, the Natural Paving Slate 'Premiastone' Copper add character to your garden. The paving slabs are made from Chinese natural slate stone, which have a dark blue grey colour, with strong copper and ochre overtones. With sawn edges and a slightly riven surface, these paving slabs are perfect for where furniture is to be used in your garden. Plus, it is durable and hardwearing enough to face the elements of British weather. What is not to like?


Emerging in 2017, we saw an increase in water features in show gardens across the world. Everyone seems to love the sound of flowing water and the relaxation and wellness it brings to their outdoor space. This means that water features are in for 2018! Of course, if you don’t have a pond in your garden you don’t have to worry; there are plenty of other water features you can install in your garden to follow the trend.

If you do have a pond and are looking for something different for 2018, check out the Adezz Aluminium (Charcoal) Waterfall Wall. This creates a stunning waterfall!. Combined with some lights, this will look great in the evenings and everyone will love visiting your home.


Everyone loves the look of wood and the warm and cosy atmosphere it creates. But, having real wooden floors is not always the most practical addition to your home. It can become damaged easily and is not durable enough to stay nice in British weather. That is why wood effect tiles are taking over in 2018! You can enjoy the style of wood, but the durability of another material. Doesn’t that sound great?
A favourite with customers is the Marshalls Paving Concrete 'Woodstone' Driftwood. These paving slabs are made from a strong and hardwearing manmade concrete but they look exactly like wood, with its rich golden oak shades. This paving will look great for traditional and modern style homes and really add character to your garden. Another great choice of wood effect paving is the Marshalls Paving Concrete 'Woodstone' Coppice Brown. This boasts an aged wooden railway sleeper look, but it is actually made from manmade concrete. There are all kinds of wood marks and effects on the paving and the dark brown colour makes it look authentic. All of your neighbours will be envious of your ‘wooden’ patio!