Treating Wood in your Garden

If you have spent time and money building, or buying something wooden in your garden, you will probably want to help make it last as long as possible. Treating wood is especially important if the item is something that you can’t put away in bad weather, either because you don’t have the storage space, or because it cannot be moved. However, knowing which treatment is best to use on which wood, or whatever the wooden item will be used for can be confusing. This guide should give you some guidance, should you need it.

Protecting against rot

When left outside in the rain, rotten wood can become a problem, and to avoid this you should treat the wood in your garden with a preserver such as Protek Wood Preserver. This will prevent the wood from becoming damaged or softened and weakened, but also acts as a primer for any stain or treatments you layer on top, helping them to apply evenly.

Adding some colour

The great thing about Protek Wood Stain and Protector is that it can be used on almost any wooden items that you may have in the garden (with the exception of decking). This product is also fantastic because it allows you to add colour, there are over 30 colour choices, and protect the wood simultaneously, saving you the time and hassle of using two separate products. Two coats are recommended in order that you get a strong enough colour, but the quick drying nature of the stain means it doesn’t take long.

Protect your decking

Due to the fact that people, and perhaps pets, will be walking over your decking, the stain you use will need to be a little harder wearing. Something like the Protek Decking Stain would be perfect, and could actually be used on other items in your garden, although it doesn’t come in quite as many colours as the other stain.

Add a top coat

In order to seal in the colour and protectant you have applied to your wood, you will want to add a top coat in order to make it last longer. Protek’s Tough Coat is perfect for the job because not only will it prevent the elements from damaging the wood from the outside, it will also help to prevent fading of the wood underneath. It will provide an acrylic and wax coating and is suitable for use on garden furniture, sheds, decking and fencing and is quick drying, meaning it won’t effect your garden use for too long.

Each of these products can be bought in a variety of different volumes, and come with a recommendation of how many square metres will be covered per litre, meaning you can reduce product wastage.

Do you have any advice on treating wood in the garden? Share your tips and ideas in the comments section below!

[Photo Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces]