What’s The Best Paving Material for You?

There is such a wide variety of paving stones made from a wide variety of different materials and making the choice about which you should buy can be overwhelming. However, there are some things that can help you narrow down the number for you to choose from, making that decision a little easier. This can vary from what the paved area will be used for, your budget and how large the paved area will be.

Choosing the correct paving materials is more important than you may first think. Most elements in a garden, such as flowers, furniture and plant pots, are easily changeable. These elements are also unlikely to be used everyday, unlike paving stones, with which your feet come into contact almost every day, including during winter- meaning the materials must be suitable for the area’s intended use. Additionally, paving stones are expensive, both to buy and to install, meaning that it is important that you make the correct choice the first time around. If you need help deciding which paving materials are best for you, this guide could help.


Sandstone is one of the most popular paving materials because it is very hard-wearing, making it suitable for all uses, and is also very affordable and easy to source, making it an ideal choice for even large paved areas. Sandstone is also available in a wide variety of colours, meaning there will be a shade suitable for most garden colour schemes.


Slate comes in an array of beautiful, subtle colours, making it a fantastic addition to any garden. However, it does have a slightly softer texture so it wouldn’t be suitable for an area that gets a lot of footfall. Also, the softness of slate means that it is sensitive to heavy rain and frost. This can damage the slate paving stones as well as making them a hazard to anyone using the area. As a result, slate is best used in a more sheltered area of the garden, or in a location that gets relatively little rainfall.


If your paved area needs to be incredibly durable, granite could be the answer! It also comes in a huge choice of colours, meaning there is something for everyone! However, granite’s durable quality does make it a more expensive choice, so it is perhaps more suitable in smaller areas or for those with bigger budgets.


Whilst this isn’t technically a paving material, gravel is an option for a patio area. It is both easy and cheap to install, making it a great ‘inbetween’ material. However, it is also a great idea for areas that will be used heavily by pets or children, as it will not get ruined. If left unattended, weeds may be a problem in areas with gravel, but this can be easily tackled, providing that you keep on top of them.

Before making any purchase for your patio area, it is always important to consider the suitability to your needs and budget, allowing appearance to follow closely behind.