Where to Position your New Greenhouse

Congratulations, you've decided to order your dream greenhouse! You've painstakingly compared different models, sizes, features and colours and have found your ideal glass building, but before you go any further, you really need to ensure you have chosen the best place to position it to maximise your potential yield of crops. The placement of your greenhouse will determine how well your plants will grow and how easy it is to maintain the structure. In this article, we'll be discussing the things you need to consider when siting your greenhouse.

  • Sunlight: The amount of sunlight your greenhouse gets is crucial to the growth of your plants. To maximise the amount of sunlight your greenhouse gets, it's best to place the ridge of the greenhouse east-west. This orientation will ensure that your plants get enough sunlight throughout the day. If you live in a particularly sunny region, you may want to consider installing some shading to prevent your plants from getting too much sun.

  • Trees: The presence of trees near your greenhouse can have a significant impact on the amount of sunlight your plants receive. Trees can cause shading and create algae growth on the greenhouse. Additionally, trees can drop leaves that can block the guttering, leading to more cleaning and maintenance. It's best to leave at least one metre of space around the greenhouse to make cleaning and repairs more accessible. Consider planting some trees far enough from the greenhouse to avoid shading and debris buildup, but close enough to provide some shade when needed.

  • Level Ground: It's essential to place your greenhouse on a level surface to ensure an even distribution of light and water. If your greenhouse is placed on an uneven surface, water can run away from your plants, and you may end up with dry and unhealthy plants. A level surface also ensures your building does not warp and of course, when constructing it in the first place, it needs to be level to ensure the glass fits. It also makes it easier to maintain the structure and reduces the risk of damage during strong winds. If the ground isn't level, consider building a foundation or leveling the ground before installing the greenhouse.

  • Water Availability: Water is essential for the growth of your plants, so it's important to ensure that your greenhouse is near a source of water. If you have a tap near the greenhouse, you can easily water your plants without having to carry water long distances. Alternatively, you can install a water butt near the greenhouse to collect rainwater for your plants. Remember to position the water butt in a spot where it's easy to fill and empty.

  • Electricity: If you plan to heat your greenhouse during the colder months, you'll need to install an electric heater or gas heater. It's important to position your greenhouse near an electric point if you opt for electric, so you don't have to use long extension cords that may pose a tripping hazard. If there isn't an electric point nearby, consider hiring an electrician to install one or use the alternative of gas heating.

  • Space: It's important to leave enough space around your greenhouse for easy maintenance and repairs. Ideally, you should leave at least one metre of space around the greenhouse to make cleaning and repairs more accessible. Additionally, if you have kids, it's essential to consider their play areas. You don't want them playing near the greenhouse and accidentally damaging it with their toys.

  • Children: If you have children, it's important to consider their safety when siting your greenhouse. Make sure that the greenhouse is far enough from their play areas to prevent any accidents. Consider installing a fence around the greenhouse to prevent kids from accidentally wandering into the greenhouse area.

In conclusion, siting your greenhouse requires careful consideration of several factors. You need to ensure that the greenhouse receives enough sunlight, is placed on level ground, has easy access to water and electricity, and is placed in a location that is safe for your children. By considering these factors, you'll be able to place your greenhouse in the perfect location to ensure that your plants grow healthy and strong. With a bit of planning, you'll be able to enjoy a bountiful harvest in no time!

Happy harvesting.