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Clay and Brick Pavers

Quality clay and brick pavers are exactly what you need for your outdoor space. As a natural paving material, brick paving always looks beautiful and will blend in perfectly with your garden flowers, plants and trees. Clay brick pavers are extremely durable and strong, which makes this material perfect for outdoor surfaces. In addition it is also slip resistant, which makes it a popular choice with families and for areas that have heavy rain. Now with the Paving Superstore, you can enjoy superior quality bricks for paving and clay pavers for your outdoor space from trusted brands at competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of colours that are contemporary, as well as more traditional styles to suit every garden theme.

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Clay and Brick Pavers

Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...

Clay and brick pavers for sale at Paving Superstore

For a traditional style paving in your back garden, we recommend the Natural Paving Baksteen Clay Chestnut Clay Pavers. This natural clay material is originally from Belgium and it is tumbled to reveal a weathered and antiqued appearance. The chestnut colour adds to the traditional look with medium red and brown shades, which will complement older brick buildings and wooden furniture. As this clay paver is extremely durable and hardwearing, it is versatile and perfect for using to create pathways, garden patios and driveways. The possibilities are endless! What’s more, it will maintain its natural colour even after long-term exposure to the sun and other elements. This style is also available in a stunning Mulberry colour and Crimson design.

For a timeless and rustic appearance, check out the Global Stone Paving Courtyard Clay Rose Cottage Clay Pavers. This natural clay material has a distinctive appearance that suits more traditional garden settings with its rich red, terracotta, burnt orange and grey colours, as well as its tumbled and antique finish. It is sure to draw the neighbour’s attention, as well as become a talking piece when friends come to visit. The Global Stone Paving Courtyard Clay Tudor Clay Pavers is also highly recommended with its light orange and burnt charcoal shades with occasional white inclusions, as well as the Global Stone Paving Courtyard clay Mellow Blend Clay Pavers for its yellow, buff and charcoal grey design. What’s more, its tumbled finish makes it slip resistant, which ensures it is great for hill surfaces or for when it is wet.

Homeowners with classic cottage style gardens will enjoy the Paving Superstore Pro Range Clay Rose Country Clay Pavers with its conservative and gentle mix of orange, red and white shades. It has the appearance of old antique brick, which will add character to pathways, edging and patio areas, as well as a warming style. As it made with natural Belgian clay, this surface will vary in colour and texture, which creates a stunning feature in any outdoor space. There is also the Paving Superstore Pro Range Clay Red Clay Pavers available with its tumbled finish and attractive red colouring.

If you are looking for traditional style clay brick pavers with a modern twist, have a look at the Natural Paving Vande Moortel Clay Graphite Clay Pavers. This will create a stunning surface for pathways and patios with its black tones and rich brown and cool deep blue hues. It will also look great by inserting sections of pavers laid at different angles or in a pattern. In addition to looking great outdoors all year round, this material is extremely durable and hardwearing, guaranteeing years of use. What could be better?

Sure to look great in any garden is the Natural Paving Vande Moortel Clay Terrestre Clay Pavers. This strong Belgian natural clay has a tumbled finish and a beautiful mixture of rich classic reds with hints of soft brown and dark beige. This material is easy to maintain and keep looking stunning all year round. It is also versatile enough to create different patterns, such as basket weave, herring bine or stretcher bond. The Natural Paving Vande Moortel Clay Sepia Clay Pavers are from the collection and are popular with homeowners due to its soft and indulgent chocolate brown hue.

At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality clay and brick pavers for their outdoor space. We supply a range of colours and designs to suit every garden and only at Paving Superstore can you access the largest selection of paving that is available to purchase online. There is truly something for everyone at the Paving Superstore.