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Hard landscaping is often a hugely fun part of any garden revamp. Whether you’re building an outdoor living area from scratch or simply touching up here and there, Paving Superstore has tonnes of paving products and materials to help you get started. We’ve recognized the surge in the popularity of Schist paving, which—thanks to its low-maintenance properties and eco-friendly nature—has become a highlight in many modern homes.

A classic choice for homeowners everywhere, schist is a natural metamorphic rock that boasts a distinctive texture and characteristic patterns. Where too much uniform colour or surface feel create a monotonous climate, schist paving can be a welcome change. As it can be effectively used indoors and outdoors, schist is as versatile as it gets with natural paving!

At Paving Superstore, we offer schist paving with a slightly sandblasted finish. For properties with surface runoff or in areas with lots of rain, the Paving Superstore Pro Range – Sawn & Sandblasted Schist – Silver Cloud offers a natural slip resistance that will keep you and your guests from falling down. Beautifully subtle with natural undulations of light and dark grey throughout, these schist slabs are available from Paving Superstore in 600 x 400 units, 800 x 600 units, and 600 x 200 units. At 30 mm thick, they are an ideal choice for outdoor areas where your garden furniture sits or foot traffic tends to be quite frequent.

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Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...

Schist Paving available at Paving Superstore

Durable and long-lasting, schist has a timeless appeal that manmade paving simply cannot emulate. Our Paving Superstore Pro Range Silver Cloud slabs have mainly green-grey tones and gentle streaks of crystalline white flowing through them to evoke an air of harmony. As a grey paving option, it complements and darker tones such as charcoal, and black. Alongside lighter hues such as white and silver, it accentuates and can be used to create a focal point around your water feature. Or, this range is exceptional simply as a garden path in properties large and small.  

With schist slabs and tiles, properties can also benefit from a permanent solution that requires little upkeep. Whether your schist paving lines your driveway or your front porch, it is resilient and pays off as a long-lasting solution despite the fluctuating seasonality of your area. We at Paving Superstore are proud to offer our paving solutions at economical prices, making it easy and affordable to cover larger areas.

Our online catalogue is full of practical, long-lasting paving in a wide range of natural stone, such as basalt, quartzite, porphyry, granite, sandstone, limestone, marble, or porcelain. If you’re hoping to give your property a new look or update the current style of your home on a budget, you’ll also find it easy to look through our high-quality paving options by budget. Whatever your budget, though, our products come from well-known manufacturers like Marshalls, Global Stone, Cemex, Westminster Stone and Natural Paving and we provide them at a discount on the retail price. If you’re searching for a unique, durable, and aesthetically appealing solution from Paving Superstore ourselves, we also sell and deliver our own professional Paving Superstore Pro Range of slabs and tiles for your landscaping project.

If you’re still not sure what you’d like exactly, we’ve prepared a comprehensive Inspiration Centre for you to browse for ideas. To learn more from our experts, you can contact us or check out our guides for more help. Everything you need is right here in one place, so it’s simple, quick, and a great idea to get started right away!