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Chicken Coops

Keeping and raising chickens is becoming increasingly popular with the benefit of fresh and healthy eggs for breakfast every morning, as well as a fun activity for children and families to enjoy together. In order to keep your chickens healthy, happy and protected, having a quality and reliable chicken coop is essential. This will provide them with the shelter and sanctuary they need to ensure their wellbeing, as well as keep them safe from predators at night.

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Chicken Coops

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At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing you with the best chicken coops that will allow you to be self-sustaining and make sure your chickens have a good life. Not only do we supply chicken coops that are strong and secure, but they are also made in attractive and appealing designs that will complement any outdoor space.

The Rowlinson Small Chicken Coop is all you will need to create the perfect home for your chickens. It is made from strong and pressure treated FSC approved softwood and is raised from the ground to withstand the elements of British weather and provide a secure place for your chickens to rest. It is the ideal size for four chickens with several inside perches for space and comfort. The two compartment nest boxes and removable lid are designed especially for egg collection and to make it an easy way to access them without distressing the chickens. There is also a rear door and slide out floor for easy cleaning. As chickens needs plenty of outdoor exercise, there is a slide opening door and ramp to allow free movement and exploration around your garden. This chicken coop is crafted especially by Rowlinson, which is a well-known family business with over 85 years of experience in creating the highest quality products with the finest materials. This means you can be assured of its durability and attractive design with a natural timber finish and traditional apex style roof, which is capable of being painted or stained with animal-friendly products.

If you are considering a bigger house for your chickens, why not have a look at the Rowlinson Large Chicken Coop? Available in a similar natural timber, traditional style, this chicken coop is comfortable and spacious enough for up to six chickens with internal perches for them to rest and feel at home. For easy egg collection, there are three compartment boxes and a removable lid, which allow you to access the coop without causing too much stress. The slide opening door and ramp with hook support allows you to open and close the coop to let out your chickens during the day and let them freely explore the garden. Cleaning the chicken coop is made easy with a slide out floor and the timber is pressure treated, which enables it to withstand rain and other elements.

If you require an enclosed and safe space to keep your chickens, the TGB Hen House will be perfect for your garden. It consists of a traditional apex shed-designed chicken coop that is enclosed in a galvanised weldmesh enclosure, which allows the chickens to enjoy a cosy and secure indoor place to sleep, as well as room to exercise and roam. To prevent damp from getting into the coop, it is raised from the floor and has an access door and ramp to allow your chickens to wander freely. There are also optional nesting boxes that are available. With over 20 years of experience in making high-quality timber garden buildings, this TGB Hen House will not let you down.

At the Paving Superstore, our main goal is to find the best products to suit our customer’s needs. That is why we have a collection of chicken coops that are functional, cost-effective and attractive for your outdoor space. We only supply the best quality and most reliable brands from across the UK to ensure you receive the product you deserve. From small chicken coops to a larger hen house, have a browse through our collection to find the one that is best for your family, chickens and garden.