Water Features

Do you love the look of a water feature? Now you can enjoy having your very own in your garden! Having a water feature can be just what you need to create an eye-catching and attractive centre piece in your outdoor space. They are generally low maintenance and can adapt to the size of your garden. In addition, the sound of flowing water has a calming and relaxing effect that you will love. Before you know it, you will be out in your garden all the time! At the Paving Superstore, we have a collection of water features that you are going to love. There are all shapes and sizes so that there is something to suit every outdoor space. So, have a look today to find your favourite!


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Water Features

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If you like the look and sound of a waterfall, you can create one in your garden with the Adezz Corten Steel Waterfall Wall. This amazing feature will create a relaxing oasis right in your backyard as the water flows down from the blade in the wall. A pump is provided and there are three sizes that you can choose from. The feature is made from 3mm Corten Steel, which is known for its strength and durability. In addition, this material covers itself with a layer of rust, which is protective and makes it weather resistant.

Another fantastic way to enjoy a waterfall is with the Stowasis Sheer Descent Stainless Steel Water Blade Feature. This feature can be mounted in or on a brick wall to create a waterfall, as well as there being light kits to make this special when the sun goes down. You can choose from blue or green lights. The blade bracket is made from stainless steel so that it can last a long time without showing any damage from the water.

For a water fountain in your outdoor space, check out the Stowasis Clyde Stainless Steel Water Feature. This features a stainless steel tube and dish, with the water flowing out of the top of the dish and freely flowing down the feature. Not only does this look beautiful, but it also has a very calming sound.

A customer favourite water feature is the Stowasis Stainless Steel Drilled Spheres. This is a modern water feature that is fascinating to watch and just what you need to make your garden more interesting! These spheres are made from a durable and sturdy stainless steel and they come with a pump kit so that you can get them up and running straight away. It looks great when you choose different sizes and line them up next to each other! The water sprays out of the top of the sphere and runs beautifully down the sides.

If you like bird baths then you will love the Adezz Corten Steel Water Bowl! This is a water feature that is sure to attract nature and there are five sizes of water bowl that you can choose from and they are made from quality 3mm thick Corten Steel, which is strong and durable, as well as being weather resistant; perfect for British weather! So, what are you waiting for? Now you can enjoy having a fantastic water feature in your garden.

Another fantastic water feature that you have got to check out is the Adezz Corten Steel Water Block. This is a contemporary design that will really make your garden unique and make your neighbours envious. The water bubbles up from the nozzle on the top of the blocks and there is LED lighting in the middle of the top plate, which means it look even better at night. The water runs along the sides of the block into the underground reservoir, with a pump supplied.

At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality turf for their outdoor space. We supply a range of equipment and materials to suit every outdoor space too. There is truly something for everyone at the Paving Superstore, so have a browse of our collections today!