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Wormeries & Composters

Wormeries and composters are a great way to make the most of your food waste, an eco-friendly solution to help your home become more sustainable. At Paving Superstore, we have a range of wormeries and composters for sale to help you on your way to growing your own food.

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Wormeries & Composters

  1. Forest Slatted Compost Bin
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    Forest Slatted Compost Bin

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      • Forest Slatted Compost Bin
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Buy Wormeries and composters online for your garden

Are you looking for ways to make your garden more environmentally friendly? Wormeries and composters make a great addition to any eco garden…

Compost itself can be quite expensive when buying it from a DIY store, so if you’re an avid gardener who takes pride in their plants and flowers, why not consider making your own compost?

We have a range of home composters for sale available in a range of shape and sizes, so no matter how much spare room you have, you’ll find a composter to fit your garden at Paving Superstore.

There are many benefits to growing your own compost, so why not try it for yourself. Firstly, it’s cost effective: Why buy compost when you can make it from what would be thrown away? Food scraps, garden clippings, eggshells, leaves are just a few items that would go into your composter. It’s also quick and easy, just simply use it as a bin for these certain items, and the rest will sort itself out!

Composting is also great for the environment, as it avoids other chemical fertilisers you could use on your garden. Not only this, but the waste that could be composted often ends up in a landfill site, where it will never be reused. Of course, the final benefit is how your plants will love it. Compost is a great way to breath new life into your plants, adding much needed vitamins and nutrients into your plants and flowers, revitalising your entire outdoor space. Compost also helps the water retention of the soil, texture, structure and the PH level.

At Paving Superstore, we have a huge range of composters on offer to help you on your way to gardening success.

Why not try an open air wood composter, which allow worms and other crawlies into your compost; although this may seem like a bad thing, they actually add extra much needed nutrients into the soil. The Grange Small Composter is great for anyone only looking to create a small amount of compost, or maybe a small household who don’t create much organic waste. Measuring 70 x 73 x 73 cm, this composter is compact, easily fitting into any small garden or yard.

If you’re looking for a more enclosed composter, the Forest Beehive Composter is a more decorative option for home composting, with a lid with a prop for easy access and a bottom opening flap for the easy retrieval of compost. This compact composter would be perfectly suited in any small or medium sized garden, measuring just 86 x 74 x 74 cm. At Just £101, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Each composter is made from pressure treated wood to guarantee years of use, they also come with a 15 year anti rot guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about the effects of the outdoors on your composter.

We have loads of composters for sale at Paving Superstore, no matter how big or small, you’ll find a size to suit you. Each is made from the highest quality materials, so you won’t be disappointed by the amazing durability of each product.