Vegetable Beds

Do you love to grow vegetables in your back garden? Then you definitely need some vegetable beds. These make a great addition to your outdoor space since they add style and create a spot specially for your favourite hobby. So, are there any benefits to raised vegetable beds other than looking attractive? There absolutely is! Raised vegetable beds are going to prevent soil compaction and also help to keep those pesky pathway weeds away from your vegetables’ soil. In addition, it will keep away pests, such as snails and slugs. What’s more, raised vegetable beds can also help if you have a bad back and this can take away some of the strain from being over to garden.

At Paving Superstore, we have a range of fantastic vegetable beds that you can choose from for your outdoor space. Please take a look!

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Vegetable Beds

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Buy Vegetable Beds at Paving Superstore

If you want to grow vegetables or flowers in your back garden, have a look at the Forest Caledonian Raised Bed . This has a simple design that will suit contemporary or traditional style outdoor spaces and it is made from pressure treated timber. It is designed to be durable and it is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. It is quick and easy to build yourself at home and before you know it, you will have delicious vegetables to eat!  For a visually attractive log style, we recommend the Forest Bed Builder Pack. This is perfect for planting all of your flowers and vegetables and it is going to provide a planting depth of 21 cm. It is made from a quality pressure treated timber and is designed to look like logs. What’s more, this raised bed is guaranteed against rot for 15 years, which means that you don’t have to worry about the bad weather. Now you can make your plants or vegetables part of your garden décor with this fantastic raised bed.

If you have trouble bending down to your vegetable beds, check out the fantastic Forest Kitchen Garden Trough . This through makes it simple to tend to your flowers or vegetables and it makes a great addition to any outdoor space. Now your vegetables can become a centrepiece in your garden! What’s more, it is constructed from durable and pressure treated timber. This is guaranteed against rot for 15 years and going to complement traditional and modern homes. In addition, the Forest Potting Bench can also help you sort your flowers and plants without hurting your back. This is constructed from smooth planed and pressure treated timber and it provides you with a large work area. You can also keep your garden nice and tidy when you are sorting your plants since there is a shelf underneath.  For a contemporary garden space, have a look at the Forest Caledonian Tiered Raised Bed. This has a combination of different levels to make your flowers and vegetables a display in your garden. It designed to be quick and easy to build by yourself, which means that whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a beginner, you will be able to set up this vegetable bed at home. In addition, it is made from pressure treated timber and it is guaranteed against rot for 15 years.

If you are growing runner beans, you can use the Grange Trellis Obelisk . It comes flat packed but it is designed so that you can build it yourself. It is three sided and made from heavy duty trellis so that it can support your runner beans or other climbing plants in your outdoor space. It is also supplied unpainted, which means that you can match it to your style of garden. This will look great alongside your raised vegetable beds; you can finally be proud of your garden and growing skills!

At Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality vegetable beds for their outdoor space. This is just what you need to help your vegetables grow and to make your garden look beautiful. We supply a range of equipment and materials to suit every outdoor space too. There is truly something for everyone at Paving Superstore, so have a browse of our collections today and choose the best potting shed for your needs.