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Paving Drainage & Pedestals

Drainage is essential in creating long lasting garden paving, so make sure you check out our range of paving drainage and pedestals. At Paving Superstore, we have everything you need create hassle free garden paving that requires minimal upkeep in the future, without any signs of water or puddles!

Keeping your outdoor living area pleasant and dry can sometimes be tough in the winter months, but clean, quick drainage doesn’t have to be a hassle. Nor do you need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality when looking for a way to keep runoff under control! At Paving Superstore, we stock Stone Pedestals that are perfect for use in your garden, terrace, or on your rooftop or green roof. While keeping your outdoor areas free from surface water, you'll be able to quickly and simply prepare your ground for all kinds of weather—rain or shine!

If your property has a podium deck where you like to sit out, proper paving drainage will keep your tiles and slabs in great shape for much longer. Depending on the paving slabs , cobble setts , or tiles you have chosen, the absorbency of your natural stone or manmade flooring will vary. To reduce runoff, prevent slipping, and maintain the integrity of your beautiful paving, paving drainage is essential.

Paving Superstore’s Ryno Pave stone pedestals allow you to support your groundwork without extensive preparation, and its easy-to-install design allows you to create even, level paving in a very short period of time. If you are working with a non-level surface, to begin with, it's a top choice for evening up your podium deck, walkway, wheelchair ramp, or public area.

An ideal choice for long-lasting upkeep, we recommend Ryno Pave stone pedestals for their versatility. By creating space for you to evenly spread loads over the surface you’re covering, they allow a perimeter space that offers membrane protection from rough slab and paving edges. This unique model design keeps your flooring as free as possible from wear and tear, reducing the amount of time you need to spend on upkeep. Or replacing tiles more often than you need to!

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Paving Drainage & Pedestals

  1. Ryno Pave-Paving Support System
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    Ryno Pave
    Paving Support System

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      • Ryno Pave-Paving Support System, Pedestal Height 40-56mm (25 per box)
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      • Ryno Pave-Paving Support System, Pedestal Height 70-110mm (25 per box)
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      • Ryno Pave-Paving Support System, Pedestal Height 110-160mm (25 per box)
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Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS7533 Class 2. Find out more...

Paving Drainage & Pedestals available at Paving Superstore

Quick to install and very easy to adjust, these lightweight pedestals have a self-levelling head which makes up for any slopes you have on the ground below. We also supply these Ryno Pave pedestals with spacers that allow for a hassle-free, consistent and aesthetic finish. As well as being easy to install on any surface, Ryno Pave stone pedestals have a broad solid base and are made of highly durable polypropylene. They will stand up to more than 2 tonnes of compression. We at Paving Superstore can provide different sizes of these pedestals, from 40 – 56 mm to 110 – 160 mm depending on your property. Available in packs of 25 units, we are able to deliver these to your home or property for maximum possible convenience.

Ryno Pave pedestals come highly recommended by our team at Paving Superstore with your choice of optional extras. We can supply you with these pedestals plus optional decking heads or bearer support heads that can easily be swapped out; the latter is highly convenient if your landscaping project involves laying decking for a new patio or outside space. We also offer head locking rings that will affix the head in a level position, an invaluable capability if you are laying paving on a completely flat surface such as concrete.  

An adaptable threaded section to this model also makes it height-adjustable, a useful feature if you spot any inconsistencies across your level paving. A simple grab-and-twist functionality means that even very minute tweaks can be made for total control. Last, but not least, a single click-motion height extension collar allows you to build up these Ryno Pave pedestals for paving on higher surfaces.

Have you got questions about your Ryno Pave pedestal, or about your landscaping project? Our Paving Superstore experts are ready and waiting to give you a hand with any enquiries you might have, whether about paving drainage or about your landscaping project. We are also full of helpful tips in our Inspiration Centre, and you can browse our Expert Guides for more information.

At Paving Superstore, you’ll find all that your outdoor living project could possibly require. We have a considerable range of materials and equipment to help you get the show on the road, such as sealants and cleaners, mortar, sand, and cement, for all budgets. So why not get started and browse our catalogue today!