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Paving Slabs & Flags

Paving slabs are our area of expertise. Whether you’re looking to revamp your garden or paving flags to rejuvenate your driveway or patio, you’ll find everything you need here. We stock a wide variety of paving and patio slabs from all of the major leading brands in a range of colours and styles, perfect for complementing and enhancing any garden landscape. Large driveway slabs can be the ideal answer for your property’s front area, while our stone options can create the perfect patio paving for your rear space.

We understand that choosing the right paving slabs for your garden or patio project can be tricky, so why not cut out the doubt and request some samples before you place your order? Just click the ‘Request a Sample’ button when you visit the product page, fill in your details and a sample of your favourite patio slabs or paving flags will be sent out directly to you.

Increasing both the current cosmetic appeal and also your home’s value with high-quality garden paving is now easier than ever before with Paving Superstore. Whatever your garden size or ideal budget, we stock everything you'll need to help you create a stunning and durable outdoor space for your property.

If you think you’d benefit from some handy tricks & tips, take a look at our nifty Blogs & Inspiration section, where you’ll find really useful articles that may well just give you the ideal paving idea for you - Such as our guide to Everything You Need to Know About Paving Before You Buy. Free UK Delivery on Paving Slabs. Updated May 2024

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Paving Slabs and Flags for Sale at Paving Superstore

Is it time for a garden makeover? For all of your paving and landscaping needs, visit the Paving Superstore and choose from a wide selection of branded paving. What’s more, we offer all of the most popular brands at the most affordable prices on the market; it has never been easier to purchase the paving you want at the fraction of the high street price.

At the Paving Superstore, we offer the largest range of paving that is available to purchase online. With our extensive collection of garden paving slabs and flags, you can find the products you are looking for or gather inspiration from our choice of materials. By supplying our products directly from the manufacturer, you can find a low cost solution to your gardens demands. With our collection of different colours, styles, brands and materials, you can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

What are the different types of paving slabs?

At Paving Superstore, we offer many different types of paving slabs including garden paving slabs that are ideal for your patio and large driveway slabs that are constructed to an uprated thickness making them perfectly suitable for vehicular use. We also offer quarry tiles which are a specific type of paving slab made from the rich earthy tones of clay and can be used both indoors and outside, in addition to indoor tiles that are made thinner so they can easily fit under doors within the home. To explain the differences in a little more detail, paving slabs are designed primarily for use in a domestic garden and come in a broad range of style, materials and colours to suit all tastes from timeless and traditional to contemporary and modern. They range in size from small intricate tiles to large oversized patio slabs and include styles such as wood appearance that resembles decking, mosaic tiles that give the appearance of a hand-painted finish in addition to more typical finishes available in mixed size options or single sizes. 

Large driveway slabs provide the desirable appearance of garden patio paving, but with the added resilience required to work on a domestic driveway. Some paving in this range such as natural stone and porcelain is made thicker so it can withstand the weight of vehicles, whereas other large driveway paving is constructed with a 10mm surface slab that is adhered to a concrete backing material to amke the paving exceptionally thick and sturdy. This type of paving slab can be laid on a mortar bed, the same as a domestic patio, but may also be laid on a sand bed, the same as concrete block paving, making it much quicker and easier to install. The main benefit of using large slabs on a driveway is the stylish modern appearance that offer clean lines and an uncluttered feel to the front of your home. 

Quarry tiles are a specialist type of paving material highly sought after for the beautiful rich earthy colours seen within this hardwearing paving stone. Often considered as a traditional material as it is seen in farmhouses and country homes, it is now also considered as a highly contemporary stone used in high-end properties. Quarry tiles are thinner than clay bricks meaning they can be used in and out of the home and are usually relatively small in size, sometimes resembling a brick size or often a larger tile. 

Whilst there is no reason not to use patio slabs within the home, consideration has to be made for the thickness of the paving. Some exterior paving such as porcelain is usually 20mm depth, but this may be too thick if you have limited heights underneath existing doorways within your home. In which case, indoor tiles may offer a better alternative as these are usually around 10mm in thickness. They are usually a slightly smoother finish as well as it is not necessary to meet the same R11 slip resistance criteria within the home and often R10 rating is sufficient. 

Whatever you choose, we will be able to help guide you. 

What paving slab materials are there?

Paving Superstore offers a wide variety of different paving materials - all with different qualities and characteristics. One of the most popular materials is natural sandstone which is usually imported from India where there are many sandstone quarries all offering different shades of stone. Sandstone paving is a versatile material as it each colour range includes a selection of gently complementary colours rather than one fixed colour which not only makes it pleasingly attractive, but also means if blends well with its surroundings. Colour options range from the lightest cream, through to brown, pink and grey tones, so there is sure to be a product that meets everyone's tastes. The other benefit of sandstone is the selection of different finishes available that include a traditional naturally handsplit or 'riven' surface, a tumbled or aged finish, a honed, smooth finish or a sandblasted flat, yet stippled finish. 

Limestone has a similar finish to sandstone and is generally a good value patio stone. Slate paving is popular with its dark velvety grey tones and granite paving is ideal for a contemporary finish where a relatively uniform flecked appearance is required. 

The other paving stone which is top of the popularity stakes is porcelain paving. This type of paving material is available in a great range of colours from very light white tones though to the darkest black and due to its low porosity, this means it is less likely to attract algae and stains than other paving stone. 

Other materials are available such as marble, porphyry and quartzite. We'll be happy to offer advice on all our paving stone materials. 

Which paving slab sizes are available?

There are many size options available with paving slabs ranging from small tiles from around 150mm diameter to large format slabs up to 3.2m diameter! Many of the favourite sizes include mixed size packs that are made with sizes that are compatible with each other to create an informal patio design. Many homeowners favour paving slabs in a single size such as a 900x600mm such as these can be laid in a stretcher bond pattern - similar to the layout used with house bricks and this offers a contemporary finish. Using the Unit Size filter on our website means you can filter down the results to a size that suits your requirement. Alternatively, you can also use the Pack Configuration filter to narrow down the results to rectangles or squares or extra large slabs for example. There are also more unusual options such as linear planks designed to look like floorboards, but made from natural stone or porcelain paving, so there is something to suit all requirements, however big or small. 

What are the most popular brands of paving slabs?

Paving Superstore is well known for offering leading brands of paving and there is a good reason for this. The well established brands are highly regarded when it comes to quality, testing and reputation. This is especially important with natural stone as there are many grades of stone available - some good and some very poor and the latter is sold very cheaply elsewhere, but has quality problems such as high absorbency which leads to extensive algae growth or it may be soft of not frost resistant. You can be assured that Paving Superstore only sells products that meet UKCA standards to ensure you are guaranteed a quality product. You can read more about the UKCA test processes here. The leading brands we offer include Marshalls, Talasey, Brett, Ketley, Stonemarket, Bowland Stone, Strata Stone and of course our own Paving Superstore brand. When buying a leading brand of paving stone, you can be assured you are receiving a quality product that has been tested to meet the very high standards expected with paving stone conforming to British Standards. 

How do I choose paving slabs to match my style of garden?

When there are so many styles of paving slabs to choose from, how do you ensure you make the right choice for your home and garden? Well firstly, look at your home and identify not only the style of your property, but also the look you are hoping to achieve. There are many clues to help you decide; to start with do you have an older style home or cottage? If so, you will most likley want to choose paving in a delicate soft tone or a traditional colour to suit your home. Choose from the neutral tones of paving such as Raj Green sandstone which have soft grey green tones, having an appearance similar to Yorkstone or if you have slate roof tiles, maybe consider a slate paving to match. 

Alternatively, if your home is more modern, look at the colours within your brickwork, window frames and roof tiles as a good starting point as this provides an insight into the colours you should consider. You could also decide on the colour you would like to use and ensure you include lots of accessories such as planters and pick your planting scheme to suit. Porcelain paving is a good option when it comes to colour choice as there is a wide range of options available in this material, it works well with more modern styles and has consistant colour  palettes. 

You can also use a circle or feature kit to break up a large expanse of paving on your patio or to add in a special seating area elsewhere in your garden.

Feel free to call us if you need assistance with your garden design ideas. 

What colour paving slabs are available at Paving Superstore?

Different types of stone are often synonymous with different colour ranges and if you are looking for a specific colour range, then you can fast track to that type of stone or better still use our handy filters to search only for the colour range you are looking for. As a general rule, slate paving is grey, although it may be dark blue-grey or a lighter grey-green colour. it also has a rustic version with bronze and gold tones on a grey background. Granite paving is often grey with silver and black flecks, but is also available in a yellow and pink option. Basalt is similar to granite, but in dark grey shades. Indian sandstone paving is available in a broad range of colours ranging from ivory to brown, pink and grey and the colours are generally pastel toned when dry and more vinrant when wet. Porcelain paving has an extensive colour range from white through all other colours and styles, including metallic, wood style and mosaic style, through to the darkest black tones. Limestone paving is available in three main shades: a buttermilk buff / grey colour, a silver blue colour and a very dark grey that gradually lightens in sunlight to a beautiful mid grey colour. 

Colour choice is often a personal decision, however consider other factors as well such as weel the garden is north or south facing as you may choose to brighten up a north facing garden by using a lighter shade of paving slabs whereas a darker tone might suit a lighter garden although it can get hot in full sun. 

How to lay paving slabs & patio slabs on sand

Laying a patio on sand is a popular and budget-friendly method to expand your home's outdoor living area. Though straightforward, it's crucial to tackle the project armed with the correct tools and materials while understanding its limitations.

Patio slabs on sand pros and cons

In the past, laying patio slabs on sand was a common approach, especially in regions with sandy soil. This method was favoured for its simplicity and affordability, often prioritising functionality over aesthetics.

Today, some still may lay paving slabs on sand for similar reasons. For instance, those with budget constraints, creating a patio on sand can be a more economical choice compared to full mortar bed setups. 

Nevertheless, it's important to acknowledge that laying patio slabs on sand isn't considered the optimal industry practice. Sand lacks the stability and security of a full mortar bed, potentially resulting in unevenness, instability, and eventual damage to the slabs. Never lay natural stone paving on a sand bed; this always requires a full mortar bed.

Tools and materials to lay patio slabs

Before you begin, ensure you have the right tools and materials for the job. Here is a list of what you will need:

Patio slabs: Choose patio slabs that are thick enough to withstand foot traffic and outdoor use. It's a good idea to purchase a few extra slabs in case of any break or crack during installation.

Sharp sand: You will need enough sharp sand to create a base layer for your patio. As a guide, you will needs a thickness of around 30-50mm.

MOT Type 1 sub base: A 100mm compacted layer of MOT Type 1 beneath the sand can help to improve drainage and prevent the sand from washing away over time.

Shovel and rake: These tools will be used to level the sand and create a smooth surface for your slabs.

Plate compactor or garden roller: A plate compactor or garden roller is used to compact the MOT Type 1 and sharp sand and create a stable base for your paving slabs.

Spirit level: A spirit level will help you to ensure that your patio is level and even.

Rubber mallet: A rubber mallet can be used to tap the slabs into place and ensure they are level.


We welcome assisting you in deciding on the best product for your garden so feel free to contact us today. 

Found the ideal choice now? Can’t wait to get started? Order your paving products online at Paving Superstore and enjoy free UK delivery today!

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