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Stone Cobble Cambridge

Nothing says traditional like a cobble sett, it's true. But stone cobble is also a clever choice when you're hoping to add character and style to contemporary décor, too! Our Stone Cobble Cambridge catalogue includes all the products you’ll ever need if your driveway, garden, or patio is ready for a new look. We have collections from Global Stone, Brett, Marshalls, Natural Paving, Breedon, Stonemarket Paving and more – in one useful catalogue to make your browsing much, much easier. If you’re after stone cobble for your Cambridge home or property, you won’t find a more convenient way to shop for your next landscaping project!

Stone cobble has many potential uses and looks great in any sized property. If you are working with a very small space, it can be a fast and simple way to accentuate an area and liven things up. If you’ve got a larger outdoor living area to decorate, cobble setts can work as a central feature in your patio, or as a focal point alongside simpler lines and contours. With numerous stone cobble options spanning a giant range of different materials, Paving Superstore can help you spruce up a tired or unsightly area in no time. And with minimal fuss!

Our catalogue starts with neutral, versatile tones on the one hand, and includes everything from brighter reds to natural green shades. The Stonemarket Paving Antique Sandstone 'Vintage' Manor collection is a popular line of grey paving that allows you to edge the sides of your lawn, planting border, or flowerbeds. With these 25 – 40 mm thick setts, you can create an eco-friendly, natural stone pathway in beautiful brown and buff shades. The design of these aged-effect stones creates deeper grooves between setts, which has a timeless appeal and a countryside charm that never gets old. 

Searching for a darker ideal grey that will pop against your lighter shades? Combining cool and deep tones in one outdoor area is an attractive approach to landscaping larger outdoor areas, especially where you would like to create patterns in an otherwise open space. Our stone cobble Cambridge catalogue also includes the Strata Paving Granite Black line of pavers, which are ideal for contouring and creating lines within your patio or driveway. These hard-wearing, resilient setts can easily withstand frost, rain, and anything else the British weather can throw at them – making them a low-maintenance solution over the long-term.

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Stone Cobble Cambridge available at Paving Superstore

If you aren't eager to lay out two different types of cobble sett, but still want to create a contoured effect, Natural Paving's Granite 'Cobblestone' Silver Grey contains both dark and light slabs in the one collection. With these attractive pavers, it’s easy to cover bigger open areas with numerous hues – with half the effort.

A neat and finished look is also easy to accomplish with Strata Paving Granite Silver Grey cobbles stones, and these silver, white, and grey pavers are excellent alongside any walling or coping. We supply and can deliver Strata Paving's Granite cobble in 100 x 100 units so that your landscaping is much easier, and as each is 50 mm thick, you won't have to worry about wear and tear any time soon. These affordable, versatile cobble setts are built to last and are highly resistant to frost and water. Use these to cover entire spaces that will look much neater with uniform, yet textured shades.

The Paving Superstore Pro Range Rose Country collection is also ideal if you would like a glamorous, warm and colourful finish for your patio. They are rose, brick red, and rust-coloured pavers which come in 210 x 100 units and a 50 mm thickness – excellent for garden paths or around the rockery, it is hard not to love the practical design and functionality of these hard-wearing, durable setts. If you're after some rustic, antique brick detailing for your plant borders or even edging the garden path, these premium and long-lasting setts are up to the job.

Paving Superstore’s online catalogue is full of everything you might want or need to get that renovation on the road. We have got cobble setts for classic properties, modern homes, and even Mediterranean exteriors, so it’s hard not to find the ideal sett for your property. If you’d like to tidy up, redesign, or beautify an unsightly outside space, we recommend you have a look today!

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