How to transform your kitchen area with amazing interior & exterior tiles…

pavingkitchenpicHow can I make the most of my space? It’s a question with an elusive answer if you don’t know where to start. The good news is that you’re in the right place! The Paving Superstore team is always hotly debating the best way to make small outdoor areas seem larger and this season we’ve been helping homeowners do the same to their interiors. We’ve put together the kitchen tiles that will create the illusion of airy, sparkling space, so you can get started for spring.

  • How to choose kitchen tiles

First and foremost, kitchen tiles should be easy to clean. Whether you’re making coffee in a rush, or are brave enough to be cooking bolognese with the kids, tiles that wipe clean save a lot of time. So if you’re looking to turn your kitchen into a homey, relaxed, and comfortable living space, this is the first thing to look for. We like the Natural Paving Porcelain ‘Vitripiazza Di Pietra’ Oro tiles for subtly reflecting sunlight and creating an airy, spacious feel, without any of the hassles of stains.

  • Light or dark?

Neutral, buff, golden shades are also lovely to look at. Uncomplicated and relaxed, kitchen tiles in light shades can be a natural invitation to come and spend more time in the heart of your home. The Global Stone Paving-Porcelain ‘Trento Internal’-Sand tiles are one example of how a simple and modern approach adds instant aesthetic appeal. For more traditional style homes, you may wish to choose interior tiles with slightly warmer notes to them—the Global Stone Paving-Porcelain ‘Trento Internal’-Griege tiles are a good example. Ever so subtly, pink flecks and hues can add cheer and character to any indoor space.

At the other end of the spectrum, dark colours are a nice way to keep things cool and clean. The practical benefits of darker hues are numerous, and we see lots of kitchens where tiles like the Global Stone Paving-Porcelain ‘Trento Internal’-Black are functional, practical, yet stunning ways to hide marks. We also like the or Natural Paving Porcelain ‘Vitripiazza Di Pietra’ Terra tiles, which are salt, moss, and mould resistant, as well as non-absorbent. Unlike lino, offer a contemporary aesthetic that lasts for many years, and all the spills you can throw at them!

Once you have decided on the right colour scheme for your kitchen—and have factored in the practical aspects—it’s time to think about making your kitchen work with the rest of your space.

  • How kitchen interior & exterior tiles accentuate and enhance..

Whether or not your kitchen has a back door to your garden, there are numerous brilliant ways to open up your space using interior and exterior tiles.

One trick is to step away from the mindset of seeing each room as its own separate space.  Many homeowners have one simple, open and clean feel for their kitchens, and that’s a good thing. To take this element of airiness and sparkle into the rest of your home, it’s a good idea to think about consistent indoor/outdoor paving tiles. At The Paving Superstore, we love the Natural Paving-Porcelain ‘Vitripiazza Stile Internal’-Classe line for its elegant and natural effect. With these, or with options like the Natural Paving Porcelain ‘Vitripiazza Di Pietra’ Nero, it’s possible to dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside. With fewer lines and boundaries in your home, you can enjoy the ‘open plan’ feel of contemporary minimalism.

Another way to keep the style and class flowing between indoors and outdoors is to use a wood effect. Don’t worry, there’s no need to worry about staining or waterproofing, as there are many porcelain options that provide the same cool, natural feel. The Natural Paving-Porcelain ‘Vitripiazza Albero’-Pallido collection is one perfect example. Blonde, honey-coloured, pallido adds an amazing touch of class to both indoor and outdoor areas. If you’re worried about muddy paw prints or footprints, these are a perfect option for both easy cleaning, as well as offering superb durability.  

Yet another stunning option can be seen in the Natural Paving-Porcelain ‘Vitripiazza Albero-Boschetto range. These are truly premium tiles that provide light to mid brown base notes with natural flickers of lighter wood throughout. Versatile and frost-proof, they are designed for both modern interior décors and outdoor patios. If you want to create a flawless transition between two living areas, these are a prime choice for doing so smoothly. Perfect for barbecues!

Have you been thinking about how stylish interior & exterior tiles can turn your kitchen into a beautiful, light-filled space? We couldn’t agree more! Whether you’ve got a cool, minimalist climate or a cheerful, cosy vibe to your kitchen, it’s easy to take it to the next level. As we move into Spring, there’s never been a better time to open up that space and let the light in…

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