How Practical Garden Buildings can Transform your Garden & Why you should soon be Planting the Seeds of Spring



We’ve been loving the beautiful, fresh new look of winter gardens everywhere. Yes, it’s cold, but there’s something truly lovely in the evergreen sprigs, Christmas holly, and bright perennials that stand out against a more grey backdrop. If you hadn’t thought that far ahead during summer, don’t worry. Winter can still be a very productive time for gardening, and an ideal time to get your garden in order for the year ahead.

Here at Paving Superstore, we’ve put together some practical ideas to help you transform your garden while there aren’t any weeds to be tussled with. After all, a neater garden lays the groundwork for your creative flair to come to life when the weather warms up! Starting with the right practical outdoor building , we’ll cover all the ways you can get ready for spring. And that includes beautiful planters for your spring bulbs!

A neater, more usable outdoor space

Outdoor buildings are a gardener’s best friend. In fact, sheds and workshops and equipment storage solutions are an asset to every property owner not keen to look at a disorganised mess each day. The good news is that a functional outdoor building doesn’t have to ‘look’ functional to be practical- with the right garden buildings, it’s easy to keep your landscaping seamless and consistent.

A traditional look is very easy to work with, given that wooden sheds like the Rowlinson Premier Shiplap Apex Shed offer a natural vibe and a relaxed feel. If a vinyl solution would jar awfully with your current décor, wooden storage spaces are an ideal choice. It’s also a good idea to choose a building with a double door if you have a larger amount of tools and garden equipment will also be doing—the Mercia Shiplap T&G Corner Shed is one example. This will help you access your stuff more quickly and with greater ease, as well as clearing up tripping hazards from your outdoor living space.

Creating somewhere appealing for work or play

Introducing some order to your garden also allows you to create an appealing space for work or leisure. If you’ve got the room for an outdoor office , you’ll know how tranquil (and productive) they can be. One of our special favourites in this category is the Forest Mendip Log Cabin, which has double glazing, large windows for natural light and the option to have it installed for you, elimiinating and hassle! Perfect for some family time as a garden retreat, even in the depths of winter.

As we all know, there’s also nothing nicer than a roaring fire when the cold really starts to set in. Whether you’ve got a woodburner or you’re snuggling up indoors, it’s critical to keep your firewood away from moisture. The Rowlinson Small Log Store is built for the job, and is ideal for keeping the crackle in those logs!

Start laying your spring foundations

For those of us with a really green thumb, winter’s about taking pride in your well-planned perennials and evergreens. If you’ve missed the boat, don’t worry—it’s also the best time to strategise for spring! A raised planter like the Rowlinson Alderley Grey Raised Planter is a lovely way to go if you’re starting small, being well-suited for patios and lining driveways. A stepped planter such as the Rowlinson Marberry Cascade Planter also lets you add colour and life to create an appealing space. All three options can also be used to show off pre-potted plants, making them a quick and convenient way to transform your garden in moments.

The cool and simple block colours of the Adezz Galvanised Steel Rectangle Vadim and Adezz Aluminium Florida planters are also strong options that are easily aligned, too. Create privacy barriers and windbreaks to your heart’s content with these durable and corrosion-resistant planters, and get ready for spring!