Paving the way for Christmas


As the days get shorter, we can relax a little about the gardening for a small while—but it’s no reason not to make the most of your outdoor space! Perhaps the most common reason that most of us don’t want to head outside during the winter months is not because of the cold alone, but because it’s cold and dark. Not to mention wet!

At the same time, it’s the season to be jolly, which often means that many of us have entertaining to do. So how can we use our gardens, patios, backyards, and outdoor areas to greater effect as Christmas approaches and the cold gets colder? An outdoor heater like the Outdoor Infrared Heater-Aluminium Die Cast is only one brilliant idea among many. We’ve put together some outdoor living ideas that will be sure to brighten (and warm!) any British garden!

Shed some light....

Making your outdoor area an appealing place to spend a winter day or night can be as simple as choosing the right garden features. To create light and warmth is to create a cosy, cheerful environment that others can relax in and socialise. If your outdoor space can get a little slippery or dark in the rain, it can be just as lovely to keep your guests safe by illuminating certain areas – the Floodlight LED IP65 230V is quite popular for just this purpose. The right lighting is particularly important if you have trees extending over pathways because leaves can become a bit of a tripping hazard when wet. If you’re repaving certain areas, another great idea is to choose non-slip paving. Textured sandstone paving offers a natural effect while protecting your soil from run-off and erosion. Available in a huge range of different colours, sandstone offers a flexible range of durable choices to suit any outdoor area.

If you’re popping corn as well as crackers this winter, an outdoor furnace is a larger and more multi-purpose addition to your outdoor area that will last for years and years to come. The Adezz Corten Steel FORNO Healthy Outdoor Cooking Round base is made for roasting sausages, veggies, steaks, and much more. Let’s be honest—would a post-Christmas turkey barbeque not be a great way to avoid eating it in sandwiches for weeks? These excellent fire burners also double as a central focal point for your guests to gather around, so they can stay warm and content while they compliment your festive cooking skills!

Roasting chestnuts....

For a more leisurely approach to dining outdoors during the Christmas season, the Adezz Corten Steel Fire Table Square ideal for roasting chestnuts! A luxurious way to add some style to your outdoor area, it doubles as a nice surface for playing family board games, cards or serving mince pies. It has a strong and weather-resistant design that appeals instantly to the eye and is a sure way to be the envy of all your guests. If a square shape doesn’t quite suit the rest of your outdoor landscaping, or you are looking for a feature piece to stand out, the Adezz Corten fire table square is equally beautiful in a rounder design . Both work seamlessly well within a wide range of existing garden designs and come with a grill that lets you enjoy marshmallows outdoors in the best possible way!

Depending on how you like to use your outdoor area the most—kicking back with a nice mulled wine or two comes to mind—a fire bowl can be a toasty means of making it more social. During the Christmas season, we all know it can be a nice idea to entertain outside. If a fire pit or wood burner doesn’t appeal to you, but you need a source of heat to make sure your guests don’t freeze, Fire Bowls like the Adezz Corten Steel Fire Bowl have grown hugely in popularity over the past few years thanks to their versatility. Place them in the middle of some benches, or pull up a garden chair. Use them as a focal point for any modern or traditional outdoor living area, or place a couple strategically around in darker nooks to add some life during the longer darkness hours. If you’re wanting a romantic place to relax and watch the flames, a steel fire bowl is both durable and stunningly aesthetic.

Whatever your Christmas plans may involve, we at Paving Superstore have got what it takes to help keep you warm and toasty throughout. We’re full of great ideas for turning your outdoor space into a cheerful place to entertain, sing carols, or just plain old relax. Why not have a browse today?