5 Common Landscaping Hurdles & How to Combat Them…


When it comes to landscaping your dream outdoor space, there’s lots of fun to be had. While there are some all too familiar problems in creating British gardens, being aware of some common hurdles can make the design process much easier. With a clever approach that blends style and functionality, these hurdles can be overcome.

We take a look at five common landscaping hurdles and offer some strategic solutions that will save you time and fuss in the long run.

  • Designing against the wind ...

Sitting outside in the garden is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Until the wind sets in and makes reading the newspaper impossible. Even worse, winter and autumn gusts can often threaten any plants you’ve thoughtfully cultivated over time.

Designing windbreaks into your garden is a great way to combat this hurdle and windbreaks can be natural or man-made depending to blend seamlessly into your current garden landscape. Some of the quickest, simplest solutions can be found in garden walling sections and instant garden walling. Most options, like the Adezz Fibreglass Instant Walling are mountable to any surface and are available in 1 or 2-metre lengths, making them perfect for any sized garden.

  • Too public...

If you like the idea of privacy and protection from the elements but walling isn’t your cup of tea, a natural barrier may sound more appealing. The UK is full of nurseries selling medium or tall shrubs and plants that can create a natural screen from the outside world.

Feature pots and planters are ideal for designing privacy into your garden – especially if you can’t wait for trees to grow. For an aesthetic effect that doubles as a natural barrier, choose pots you can stack geometrically alongside one another. Pots with square bases like the Adezz Corten Steel Andes Planters line up nicely to give you all the privacy you deserve and work flawlessly with both artificial grass and modern paving slabs.

  • Protecting your topsoil...

When the rain sets in a little too heavily, surface run-off can wash away the valuable topsoil and fertilisers you’ve invested in to bring your garden to life. The effects of run-off can be especially tragic if your outdoor area is built on terrain that’s less than flat. Not to mention the environmental damage if artificial fertilisers get into waterways.

The simplest solution is to choose either high-quality garden turf in the first instance or switch entirely to artificial grass. Another brilliant solution involves creating multiple walled or bordered layers using tasteful garden boulders and feature stones. Placing these strategically at the base of a slope can help to counter the damaging effects of run-off and drainage or flooding problems lower down in your garden.

With the Highland Mixed Glacial Boulders, Sandstone Palisade Standing Stone, and Angel Standing Stone, there’s always something for every garden.

  • Trampling the flowers!...

There are increasingly more options for garden owners wanting to dine 'al fresco' during the warmer months. With gazebos for summer and woodburners and firepits for winter, keeping guests off the flower beds is a must!

Garden paving also makes maintenance much easier, especially in larger gardens. In smaller properties, it’s often the central feature of your garden patio. Landscaping for functionality doesn’t mean throwing your current landscaping theme out the window. With limestone paving, granite paving, slate paving, cobble sett, sandstone, and paving slabs, it’s just about choosing something that both sets off your garden furniture and will stand the test of time.

  • Keeping gardens clutter-free...

Hoses, gardening tools, gloves, and everything else maintenance-related all play their part, but don’t make for a relaxing outside atmosphere when left scattered around. If atmosphere and ambience are important to you, a proper shed and workshop is the answer.

Tool, bike, and log stores provide a secure place to store all the garden essentials needed to keep your outdoor area looking lovely. In timeless wood, the Mercia Overlap Apex has a traditional feel while offering ample space for things like trowels and rakes. Finding a shed that complements a minimalistic ambience is also simple with a metal and wood structure like the Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed.

When you’ve got a clear idea of the most common UK landscaping hurdles in mind, creating the ideal outdoor area doesn’t have to be a headache!