Woodburners and Firepits – Perfect to warm up the chilly Autumn and Winter season

If you’ve been feeling the chill, you’re not alone. Summer’s on its way out, but that doesn’t mean the fun’s over. There are some things about autumn and winter in Britain that make it just impossible for us not to get out and enjoy ourselves! Colourful leaves and long winter dog walks are all part of these seasons' charms, while Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.  It’s all made that much more worthwhile when there’s a crackling fire to keep you warm against the cold. With the 'Beast from the East' still fresh in our minds, some outdoor warmth has never been more welcome!

  • Toasty, cosy fireside nights

Not every British garden can boast the woodburners or firepits to host an outdoor do for bonfire night, yet the 5th of November is one of winter’s most celebrated occasions. After all, what’s not to love about brilliant fireworks, having a good time with family, and toasting some marshmallows while you’re at it? Not only are they a fitting way to keep you warm this side of September, but woodburners are also at the centre (literally!) of outdoor leisure time. When the family gathers together, a toasty fire is often the heart of an occasion when everyone can’t fit in the house—or when you’d secretly like to show off those prized snowdrops.

  • Making it warm and practical

Choosing the right product amongst all the woodburners for sale this season involves a balancing act of functionality and aesthetics. There’s nothing nicer than being able to offer your friends a barbecued winter treat where the only thing smoky is the sausages. Or chestnuts! At the same time, a great woodburner can be a thoughtful way to add detail and character to your outdoor area. A stylishly rusted Adezz Corten Steel Enok Wood Burner Rust can take pride of place against the right outdoor setting. Contemporary black paving slabs like our Paving Superstore Pro Range Riven Limestone Black range can often be a good solution if you’re worried about keeping the lawn looking tidy. There’s no need to worry about how black ash might look against your white tiles, for one!

  • Somewhere to get festive

When creating the ideal place to let off crackers on Guy Fawkes night or New Years, a hanging wood burner is often a practical solution. While warmth and outdoor comfort are the ultimate goals, there’s no need to compromise on design. If an outdoor winter wonderland is what you’re after, it’s a good idea to consider atmosphere. Creating somewhere you can spend outdoor leisure time with family and friends means building an atmosphere that’s welcoming and nice to spend time in. A hanging wood burner like the Adezz Corten Steel Black Hanging Enok Wood Burner is a clever way to protect your Paving Superstore Pro Range Artificial Grass, too. Finished with a sleek, understated, heat-resistant surface, a hanging wood burner can offer tranquil ambience...something that might be a welcome change if you’d like to unwind at home after a cold commute.

  • Creating a space for outdoor leisure time

Just like snuggly jackets and coats, outdoor firepits and woodburners are autumn and winter staples. There’s no need to hibernate indoors at this end of the year – you’d miss out on all the fun! A fire table square like the Adezz Corten Steel Fire Table Square is one of the best ways to warm up nippy autumn and winter evenings spent outdoors. In addition, it's a great feature to have if you’ve got a home with modern décor. A fire table square sits beautifully among your current paving slabs and offers a unique, yet fuss-free way to dine 'al fresco.' When you’ve already got a charming garden and picturesque views, there’s no need to take all the cooking indoors just because it’s cold.

  • Christmas cheer

Having the family over for Christmas can be magical until you realise you haven’t room for everyone indoors. There’s little to worry about if you’ve got guests over with an outdoor woodburner or firepit. You haven’t drawn the short straw – except when it comes to the washing up! A standing fire pit allows freedom for everyone to move around in an outdoor area while being a good source of cheerful Christmas light and heat. When constructed with weather-resistant material and a protective, artful layer of natural rust, an outdoor fire pit like the Adezz Corten Steel Enok Wood Burner is a clever way to take the cooking outdoors, year after year.

Creating a warm, cosy outdoor area for socialising and occasions doesn’t have to be difficult. Outside fires are one of the best ways to keep things warm and toasty even through the depths of winter. With the right choice of products, you can easily have a garden haven that’s perfect for the colder months.