How to Prevent Your Paving from Cracking


Households in the UK spend a lot of money on their outdoor space, whether it is their garden or driveway. After all, everyone wants their home to be inviting and stylish. In particular, people pay a lot of money for paving to create garden pathways, as well as patios.

However, let’s think for a minute about the worst scenario. You have a big gathering planned, whether you have invited friend over or you are having a barbecue with the family. Then you discover a crack in your paving and it seems like the end of the world. We have all been there. It really can bring down the appearance of your patio or outdoor space and this is the last thing that you want for your home. It is going to cost a lot of money again to have them replaced.

There are a number of reasons why your paving can crack and become damaged. It can happen from the heat and freezing temperatures, as well as by heavy objects or even wear and tear from foot traffic. But the good news is that whatever the reason is, there are ways that you can prevent your paving from cracking in the future. So, let’s have a look at some simple ways you can prevent your expensive paving from cracking and getting damaged.

Cleaning Your Paving

It may seem a simple solution to cracked paving but never underestimate the importance of regularly cleaning your paving. All damage starts with neglect and if you don’t clean your paving regularly, you will notice damage starting to appear. As it gets worse, this is when cracking starts and your paving will be beyond repair. Nobody wants to have to replace their patio or garden paths, that is way too expensive to be doing just because you didn’t clean them!
There are some great paving cleaning products you can get your hands on to clean your paving. For example, the Pavetuf General Cleaner is going to clean up stone, brick and concrete. Over time, salt can damage your paving, so using Pavetuf Salt Eraser is going to get rid of the problem. In addition, Lithofin Algex Algae Remover is going to keep dirt and green deposits away from your paving.

Use a Paving Sealant

Using a paving sealant is just what you need to save your paving from damage and cracking. This creates a protective layer on the surface, which can prevent UV damage, moss growth and even problems caused by frost and rain. Plus, your paving won’t just be protected; it will look great all year round too! For example, the Pavetuf Invisible Sealer is going to work on all kinds of stone and will last for around eight years. It is going to help prevent freeze thaw cracking, as well as other damage that can happen outdoors.

Lay a Weed Fabric

People are surprised to hear that weeds can cause cracks in your paving. But, unfortunately this can be true. In some cases, a crack has already started to form and the weeds will see light and make it worse. While a lot of homeowners will reach for the weed killer, the problem really lies underneath. So, the best way to prevent weeds growing and having this effect on your paving in the first place is to use a weed matting. This is going to work to prevent weeds growing and mean that damage to your outdoor space is less likely. It doesn’t require any maintenance and you can leave the weed fabric to do its job without worrying.

Choose Sand

If you have paving for your garden or driveway, you need to make sure it's installed in a way that is going to minimise the risk of cracking. This can be done by using sand between the joints to join them together. This acts as a cushion between the paving to prevent movement and damage, as well as prevent the growth of weeds and start of erosion. By simply using sand in the cracks and joints, you can really protect your paving investment and enjoy undamaged surfaces for many years to come. It really is that easy!