Contemporary or Traditional Paving? Your Guide to Making the Right Choice


It's finally time for that garden makeover you have been meaning to do for years. With the warmer weather sticking around for longer, now is the perfect time to renovate your outdoor space so that you can spend some time in the sun before it disappears for another season.

However,renovating your garden can be trickier than you first might think - A lot of people struggle to choose what kind of paving they want. The debate is often whether to choose contemporary paving or traditional paving . It is a big decision and also an investment, so you can’t afford to be making any mistakes.

Homeowners often think about the style of their home to make up their minds for them. But, it is all about embracing the style that you like too and making it work for your property. You have got to think about the materials you are using and how they will fit in with the whole picture. So, to help homeowners out with this difficult decision, we have created a guide so that you can make the right choice for your home.

Think about Your Home

The easiest way to decision what kind of paving you should use for your outdoor space is by looking at the way your home is designed. If you have a contemporary style home, the chances are you are going to have more options available to you, whether this is sandstone paving or slate paving . You can also get away by choosing different colours as it will still look modern, as well as patterns and more ‘out there’ designs. If you have a traditional style home, you have got to make sure that your outdoor space blend in with this kind of property. This will mean there are more limited options for you but it is still possible to create a garden that you love. For example, quarried stone and Yorkstone paving is going to be a classy and traditional style for your outdoor space.

Contemporary Paving Materials

One of the most popular materials used for contemporary style gardens is sandstone. This is because it is a hardwearing material that is also available in a variety of colours that will generally blend in with any background. For example, the Natural Paving Sawn and Honed Premiastone Maple Sandstone looks modern with its warm blend of beige, cream and occasional rose tones. The surface and sides are sawn, which creates this contemporary style and the Indian sandstone adds a quality touch to your outdoor space.

Another ultra-modern choice of paving material for your home is slate. In particular, we love the Marshalls Paving Slate Casarta Silver Grey Paving Slabs since they are made from slate from Brazil. This looks fantastic in a contemporary setting with its rive surface and natural slip design. Its silver grey tones are going to suit any décor that you already have and boast a modern look. Your garden will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

Traditional Paving Materials

For period homes and traditional style properties, you have got to check out Yorkstone. This is a British stone that has a classic design that you are going to love, as well as having character. For example, a popular choice for traditional homes is the Westminster Stone Concrete Yorkstone . This is made right here in the UK and it is hardwearing to deal with the British weather and foot traffic. It enjoys a gentle mix of mute colours to complement your property, with pale grey to buff shades. It is also sawn on all faces. Your outdoor space will never look better!