5 Garden Layouts for Spring

Spring is the best time to get started on garden renovations. You can revive your grass and plants after the winter period, as the longer daylight hours and sunshine can improve your outdoor space. In addition, if you start your garden now, it will be at its best for the summer. This means spending more time outdoors and enjoying the good weather with family and friends.

Are you looking for some new ideas for your garden? We have five fantastic garden layouts that you can enjoy this spring. Let’s take a look for some inspiration!

Cobble Pathway


If you have different sections to your garden and want to join it all up, consider installing cobble pathways. This can guide visitors to your home and make it more welcoming. Of course, cobbles also create a stylish and traditional look that you might like. It has a charm that you do not find in other materials. In addition, you can choose from durable selections so that your spring renovations last for many years to come.

For example, check out the Natural Paving Antique Sandstone 'Cobblestone' Meadow. This attractive cobble is constructed from quality Indian sandstone and it takes its inspiration from the cobble found in European streets. Now you can use this cobble for your home. It has a naturally riven surface and hand-cut edges. The cobbles have a timeless appeal that you cannot resist. In addition, the colours include warm brown, khaki, buff and occasional pink. There is a low risk of slipping on this cobble pathway and it even has low water absorbency. So, you do not have to worry about algae growth or staining.

Circle Patio Feature

Do you want to add some excitement to your patio? Consider adding a circle feature. This can create a focal point in your garden that is attractive and catches everyone’s eye. It can be the feature that brightens up any dull or older patio. You can make this a dining or lounge area with some interest. What’s more, there are a variety of styles that can allow you to create a contemporary or traditional style.

Take a look at the Bowland Stone Concrete 'Stratford' Aurora Paving Circle Feature Kit. This is just what you need to jazz up your outdoor space and create a fantastic patio for the spring and summer. It is constructed from sturdy and strong sandstone from India and it is lightly riven. This makes it naturally appealing and slip resistent for all the family. 


Steps for Depth and Practicality


Have you considered adding steps to your outdoor space? If you have an uneven or elevated garden, steps can add a feature that looks good. You can style to an elevated area, with a variety of colours, patterns and materials available. In addition, steps are a practical addition too. They can make sure you enjoy maximum use of all your garden and you can create separate areas for plants or even a dining area. 

One of our favourites is the Marshalls Granite 'Eclipse' Dark steps. This offers you everything from style and strength to practicality for any area of the garden. Granite Eclipse steps provide a stylish step solution for any garden space. Available in the three colours to co-ordinate with the Eclipse range paving. These versatile steps can be installed alongside all Marshalls Paving to create an attractive finish to any property type. This is the perfect choice if you want the steps to blend in with your home.

Separate Garden Rooms


If you have a large garden, perhaps consider creating separate rooms to make it more interesting. For example, this is something you can do with walls. Of course, it adds style and design, you can use wall cladding. This can create a contemporary or traditional design that will complement your property.

We like our own range of Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Italiano Externo' White Wall Cladding. This is constructed from Italian porcelain and it has a thickness of 10 to 12 mm. White has a mix of silver grey and white tones imitating natural stone.

Natural Stone Outdoor Dining Area

Of course, spring and summer are the best times in the UK to be outside. There is a lot more sunshine and the longer nights mean you can enjoy dining outdoors. So, now is the perfect time to start creating an outdoor dining area. In particular, if you want to add interest to your outdoor space, we recommend using natural stone. This has a style that looks amazing and it can add the finishing touches to any garden. What’s more, most natural materials are strong and durable too.