5 Ways to Keep Kids Active in the Garden

Stuck for ideas to entertain the children at home?

The garden is a magical place where children can discover the wonders of nature, embark on exciting adventures, and unleash their boundless energy. With the rise of digital distractions, it's more important than ever to encourage kids to engage in outdoor activities and stay active. What better way to accomplish this than by creating a vibrant and stimulating garden that appeals to their senses and fuels their curiosity?

Here's a few great ideas that you can do, without leaving the comfort of your own garden...

  1. Create a Sensory Garden:

    A sensory garden is an ideal way to engage children's senses and stimulate their imagination. Designate a corner of your garden where you can incorporate various sensory elements. Plant a variety of colourful flowers and fragrant herbs to awaken their sense of smell. Choose plants with interesting textures, such as lamb's ear or velvetleaf, which are soft to touch. Encourage kids to explore different textures and describe how they feel. Additionally, include wind chimes or bird feeders to create soothing sounds and attract birds, providing a symphony of nature's music.


  1. Start a Vegetable Patch:

    Teaching kids about the value of fresh, healthy food can begin right in your own back garden. Involve them in the process of growing their own vegetables by creating a small vegetable patch. Allow them to choose their favourite vegetables and assist in planting, watering, and caring for the crops. Not only will this activity keep them active, but it will also teach them valuable lessons about responsibility, patience, and the importance of sustainable living. Encourage them to monitor the growth of their plants and share the joy of harvesting and enjoying the fruits of their labour.

    Forest Kitchen Garden Trough

    Greena Triangle Raised Bed

    Greena Star Raised Bed

    Greena Hexagonal Raised Bed


  1. Set Up an Outdoor Art Studio:

    Unleash your child's creativity by setting up an outdoor art studio in the garden. Provide them with a variety of art supplies such as paints, brushes, and canvases. Encourage them to paint or draw the plants, insects, or other natural elements they encounter in the garden. This activity not only stimulates their imagination but also promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Display their artwork in the garden or create a dedicated "gallery" space to showcase their masterpieces. The garden will become a living art exhibit, and your child will take pride in their creations.


  1. Build a Fairy Garden:

    Invite the enchantment of fairies into your garden by building a magical fairy garden together with your children. This activity allows kids to use their imagination and create their own miniature world. Select a cosy corner or a container, and provide materials such as small plants, pebbles, miniature houses, and fairy figurines. Encourage your child to design and decorate their fairy garden, making it a whimsical and personalised space. As they engage in this imaginative play, they'll be inspired to venture into the garden regularly to check on their fairy friends and engage in their own make-believe adventures.


  1. Create an Obstacle Course:

    Transform your garden into a thrilling adventure playground by designing an obstacle course. Incorporate different physical challenges such as jumping over logs, crawling under hurdles, balancing on stepping stones, and climbing up a treehouse ladder. This activity not only keeps kids physically active but also enhances their motor skills, coordination, and problem-solving abilities. Encourage friendly competition by timing each other or offering small prizes for completing the course. With their imagination in full swing, the garden will become an exciting obstacle-filled world where they can let their energy soar.



Looking for more inspiration? Here's a few extra ideas.....

Play Games

Whether it’s being imaginative and making up your own games, playing sports, or even just doing some exercise, playing games in the garden makes being active a fun and rewarding experience for your children.

  • Keep it simple with a game of Tag – you’re IT!
  • Hold your own mini sports day
  • Have a water fight!
  • Make your own Scavenger Hunt

Grab Some Garden Toys

Bikes, trikes and rockers are a great idea to keep children occupied whilst enjoying some fresh air in the garden. If you have more than one child, it can be fun to have a mini race if your garden is big enough and you have a suitable patio that can double up as a race track.

Here are a couple of our favourite garden toys:


Playhouses & Play Equipment

These can be a great addition to the garden – providing your children with years of fun and memories! Whether it’s a small Wendy house, a large playhouse, or a frame with added extras such as slides, swings or sandpits, there’s something to suit every garden. Children love to role play and have their own little space to be creative, imaginative, and to have fun. One of our favourites is the Mercia Snug Playhouse

Shire Playhut Playhouse

Shire Wigwam Playhouse

Mercia Pent Style Playhouse

Rowlinson Country Cottage Playhouse

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