Creating The Perfect Children’s Play Area

Child Play Area

As we are moving into Spring, the weather is improving, which means the children can get outside to play, rather than being stuck in the house. However, over Winter, your garden has probably got a little worse for wear, meaning it won’t be very child friendly, especially if you want them to be able to play outside unsupervised. Creating a purpose-designed play area for your children is beneficial because not only does it mean you can have peace of mind knowing your children are in a suitable environment, it will make them happy, too. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect children’s play area.

Give Them Enough Space

If you are going to create a play area for your children, you should ensure that they have enough space to play properly. If you simply assign them a tiny corner of the garden you may find that the area looks cramped and untidy.

Choose A Safe Flooring Material

For your children to be safe, you need to make sure that they will come to as little harm as possible if they happen to fall over. Paving stones may look neat and tidy, but they will not make for a soft landing surface. Gravelsafe is great if you want the play area to coordinate with the rest of your garden. However, if you want to give the play area a more ‘fun’ feel, brightly coloured rubber shreds could be a good option, but if you would prefer a natural surface, bark will also make for a safe surface.

Ensure It Is Secure

This is especially important if you have very young children, although they should always be supervised. If your garden is close to a road, ensure that there are no gaps in your fence that could act as an escape hole. These gaps could also let wildlife into the play area which could put your children at risk whilst playing.

Invest In Equipment

If you invest money in a play frame it will last your children many years, and you can guarantee that they will be sturdy and safe. For toys that don’t need to be as sturdy, it is not so important to spend as much money, but sandpits, rockers and ride-ons will mean that your children make the most out of their play area.

Consider Storage

Most toys are best kept under shelter, to protect them from weather damage and prevent splitting. This means that your children’s play area requires storage space, and a multipurpose option is ideal. Playhouses are a great multipurpose storage solution as they are an attractive form of storage and will act as another toy for your children that will last years.

Of course, each child will have different preferences and requirements, but these tips are the basic things to keep in mind when creating a play area for your children.