Tips On Creating A Hawaiian Inspired Garden

Tips On Creating A Hawaiian Inspired Garden

We aren’t all lucky enough to get to experience the beauty of Hawaii itself, but we can take inspiration from their plants, landscaping ideas and materials to create our own sort of Hawaiian paradise in our back gardens for this Summer. Even if the weather isn’t quite as warm and sunny, at least you can look around you and imagine that you are on a Caribbean holiday. Summer is coming, so why Here are some tips on how to create a Hawaiian inspired garden, and bring a touch of the Caribbean into your own outside space.

Include Large, Leafy Plants

One of the most obvious elements of a Hawaiian garden is the luscious green leafy plants. You can adapt the size and number of these according to your garden size. If you have limited space, opt for potted or pygmy date palm trees in order to get the same effect. However, if you have an abundance of space, try to incorporate full-sized leafy palms with their smaller counterparts. This will make the space feel luscious, and make the garden glow in a warm, green light.

Include A Water Feature

Hawaii is an island surrounded by water, which means that water must feature in your Hawaiian inspired garden. If you have plenty of space, a large pond with Koi fish is very authentic, and the fish will add an extra pop of colour to your garden. However, if space is limited, a small water feature will achieve a similar effect, and the sound of the trickling water will add to the relaxing atmosphere of the garden.

Choose Wooden Furniture

Outside spaces in Hawaii would feature wooden, rather than metal, furniture because the sun would make the metal too hot. If you really want to give your garden a caribbean feel, why not put up a hammock, to allow you real relaxation in the summer months.

Plant Colourful Flowers

A Hawaiian inspired garden wouldn’t look complete without some colourful flowers! Plumerias are the perfect flower, and in spite of growing best in tropical conditions, can also ben grown in the UK. Arum lilies are also a beautiful choice and and while they aren’t bright in colour, their white leaves will pop against the luscious greenery.

Add Some Heat

Of course, a Hawaiian inspired garden needs some of the heat of Hawaii, and while you can’t control the weather, you can add some heat yourself. Why not add a fire pit? Not only will this provide some light and some warmth on a summer evening, it is an authentic Hawaiian way to do so.

Do you have any more tips on how to create a Hawaiian inspired garden? Share your ideas in the comments.