April Gardening Tasks

April Gardening Tasks

Once again, the beginning of another month means the beginning of another list of things to do in the garden. Of course, this time, the new month brings a new season, which should (in theory) mean that gardening tasks are more enjoyable, due to the more regular appearance of the sun, but we are all too familiar with those infamous April showers. Here are some thing to do in the garden this April in order to get your outside space in tip top condition for the warmer weather that is to come.

Fertilise Borders and Beds

Spring and Summer flowering bulbs may be in need of one extra push before they make an appearance, which means you may need to give them a helping hand by spraying fertiliser on the borders and beds in which they are planted. When doing this, be careful that you do not damage any shoots that may be emerging a little early by burning them with fertiliser.

Control Roses

The sun has been making a little more regular appearance recently, which means that your roses are likely to have really started to grow. As a result, climbing and rambling roses may need to be tied in, or supported with a garden cane, both to keep them looking neat and tidy and to prevent them from affecting any of your other plants. This may mean cutting the plants down a little, or simply tying them back with some twine against a trellis or cane.

Mow Lawns Regularly

Now that the weather is improving, you should try to mow the lawn regularly. Not only will this keep your garden looking neat and tidy, it is also better for the quality of the grass to be kept at a consistent length for as much time as possible.

Seed Over Patchy Lawns

Whether you wish to completely reseed your lawn area, or simply give patchy areas a little top up, mid-April is the perfect time to do so because of the combination of warmer weather with rain showers. You can prefer the lawn for sowing by preparing it first, cultivating, levelling and lightly firming the area.

Eliminate Weeds

Weeding is a never-ending task in the garden, but April is the month that you can really take this seriously. When it comes to lawns, April is the best month to apply a lawn weed killer, but be sure to follow product specific instructions in order to cause as little groundwater pollution as possible. You should also use a hoe to remove any weeds that may already have grown in them, and mulch any areas that may be prone to weed intrusion.

Repair Arches and Arbours

Arches and arbours are beautiful frames for larger climbing plants in your garden, but they may have become damaged by the harsh winter weather. You should repair these structures at the beginning of Spring before plants have fully developed, meaning they can be back to looking their best for when you entertain guests in the Summer.