5 Of The Best Autumn Gardening Gadgets & Accessories

We all love a gadget that is going to save us time and effort in the garden, especially as it is getting colder and raining more, meaning that we are wanting to spend less time outside! If you’re looking to treat someone who enjoys gardening, or if you simply want to make life a little easier for yourself, here is an insight to 10 of the best gardening gadgets, tools and accessories that will help out in the garden this Autumn.

1. Stihl BGA 85 Leaf Blower

As it is Autumn, the trees are all shedding their leaves and while their bright colours can look pretty, it is important to clear them so that they don’t begin to rot in piles. The Stihl BGA 85 leaf blower is perfect for the job! It is cordless and has a 30 minute battery life that

2. Tuggie Shed Tidy

Keep all of your most needed gardening tools and products close to hand with the Tuggie Shed Tidy. It will help you to save time usually spent fumbling around for tools, cutting down the amount of time you spend outside in the cold! Keeping your shed tidy with all tools and products visible is also a great way to prevent yourself from double-buying products that you already have!

3. Speed Weeder

Weeding is a job that no one enjoys; it is hard work and feels never ending, but it must still be done in the cold weather. The Speed Weeder, however, will help to reduce the amount of time it takes to weed, as it hooks and pulls them out from their roots. It’s lightweight and very easy to use, even for those with weak grip.

4.Drain Tidies

Once again, the autumnal falling leaves pose a problem: left to themselves, they can blow into drains, causing blockages and draining issues which can be unpleasant to clear. However, a simply Drain Tidy will prevent leaves and other debris from entering into the drain. It  does come pre-cut, but can be made larger to cover bigger drains.

5. Telescopic Tri-Blade Shears

Unfortunately, hedge trimming and pruning is something that must still be done in the winter. However, you can reduce the amount of time it takes you with Telescopic Tri-Blade Shears. They combine fast cutting with precision, thanks to the central blade providing stability and are resistant to rust, making them perfect in the damp, autumnal weather.

Are there any gardening gadgets or accessories that you just can’t go without in Autumn? Share your favourites in the comments!