Bringing The Garden Into Your Home

As the weather is getting colder and colder it is getting more and more difficult to spend time outside enjoying the nature in your garden. However, you can still enjoy parts of nature in the comfort and warmth of your home, if you do it right. If you need tips on how to bring the garden into your own home, this guide could help!

Stack Up On Succulents

Succulents are a great choice of plants to have inside your home as they add a pop of greenness that suits all interiors as there are no coloured flowers to clash with any pre-existing colour schemes. They’re super easy to look after, too, providing they are displayed in the sunniest location possible.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Growing herbs inside in the winter is a win-win situation: you get to bring the outside in, creating some beautiful aromas, at the same time as having produce for your cooking! These are easily grown in pots or containers in kitchens and you can plant as many different varieties as you like, depending on your taste.

Make The Garden A Focal Point

Whilst this isn’t necessarily bringing the garden into the home, it still allows you enjoy the garden from the comfort of your warm home. Frame your window with curtains to draw attention to the area and arrange seating in the same direction to encourage people to take in the view. It is often pleasant to have an eating area with views of the garden.

Create Your Own Flower Display

If you can’t be outside in the colder weather, select some of your favourite flowers and trim some of your favourite shrubs to create a beautiful, personal and fragrant flower display. You can modify these according to the colour scheme and space available in each room of the house.

Select Your Colour Scheme Carefully

You don’t have to completely repaint the entirety of your home for this to work. Simply highlighting some of the more earthy, natural tones in your existing colour scheme with accessories such as candles, cushions and artwork is a great way of bringing the garden into the home. Dark greens and rich reds and oranges are great colours to give your home this natural, earthy feel.

Do you have any more tips on how to bring the garden into your home? Do you prefer make your home feel like an extension of the garden, or complement your existing features with pieces from outside? Share your ideas in the comments!