5 Ways to Use Porcelain Paving...

Upgrading the look and feel of your outdoor living area? Feeling inspired, and ready for a creative redesign project that will enhance the ambience of your external space? If you’ve always loved the smooth textures and myriad possibilities of porcelain paving, we’re here to take you on your next big landscaping adventure – because porcelain tiles aren’t just meant for the kitchen!

We’ve put together a list of five beautiful ways you can use porcelain to improve, transform, or completely reimagine your property’s hardscaping, from indoor/outdoor flooring to stunning decking, and beyond – all the way to your poolside area!

1. Take the Indoors Outside

porcelain paving indoors to outdoors

With porcelain paving, it’s easy to keep a consistent look flowing from the indoors to the outdoors of your home. Carrying the same décor from your kitchen to your garden is one way to create an inviting atmosphere throughout the whole of your property, and an airy sense of space even if you have a smaller property. We like our Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Select Italian Range' Ground Cream slabs for this effect, and they are perfect inside and outside.

Strata's Porcelain Polar Ivory line of paving creates a similar sophisticated finish if you’re looking for low absorbency pavers, and with Brett’s Porcelain Geoceramica ‘Mosaik’ Grigio, simplicity is key. With indoor/outdoor paving, you can also enjoy the durability of outdoor tiles inside your kitchen, for a much longer life without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your inside area.

2. As Outdoor Wall Tiles

porcelain paving as outdoor wall tiles cladding

Porcelain is also an effective way to clad unsightly outdoor walls if you’re tired of looking at worn-out cement or bare patches. Professionally finished walling can vastly enhance the appeal of your outdoor living area, and with porcelain, it’s simple to create a sleek surface that’s easy on the eye. Fans of neutral hues will love Strata's 'Meridian Split Face' Wall Cladding. For those after a warmer, more summery climate, the Marshalls Paving Concrete 'Marshalite' Rustic Buff Walling collection has a lot to offer if you’re wanting to upgrade your walling!

3. As an Alternative to Wooden Decking

porcelain paving wooden effect decking alternative

Wooden decking has a classic, inviting look and feel – but what if you could add instant charm and elegance to your patio or decking with porcelain pavers? Modern properties, in particular, can benefit greatly from the added sense of space and the cool climate that porcelain decking imparts. We're big fans of Brett Paving's Porcelain ‘Elegante Timber’ slabs in Vintage Oak. Without any fading, splitting, cracking or wearing, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of sleek, timeless oak. And unlike classic wood, these porcelain pavers are mould-resistant, easily cleaned, and hold their own against moss damage. They work amazingly with all kinds of classic lawn furniture, and set a warm climate if you're wanting to entertain guests outdoors all year round!

Attractive alternatives Marshall Paving’s Porcelain ‘Symphony Plank’ Birch tiles, which have a lighter wood effect, and Talasey's Porcelain 'Vitripiazza Plank' Light Oak Paving Slabs. Each of these has an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of authentic wood, with a much longer life, and none of the hassle!

4. Create Permanent Seating Areas or Steps

porcelain paving permanent seating and steps

If your outdoor area is where you love to relax, porcelain’s versatile nature also makes it a great choice for permanent steps. While your guests may be very welcome on your patio or porch, you probably don’t want them on the plant beds – and that’s where our own Paving Superstore's Porcelain 'Ideal Range' Kandla Grey Paving Slabs or Stonemarket Paving’s Ceramic ‘Knotwood Vitrified’ Birch line of porcelain pavers can be used to best effect. Create gorgeous pathways or sitting out spaces that just like aged, elegant wood, while keeping your surfaces even.

5. As a Pool Deck or Pond Surround

porcelain paving pool deck or pond surround

Pool areas can also be taken up several notches with the stylish look and practical functionality of porcelain pavers. Many porcelain slabs also come with matching pool coping, step coping, and feature kit options, allowing you to maintain a uniform texture across larger areas. We recommend Talasey's Porcelain 'Vitripiazza Anno' slabs or the 'Vitripiazza Stile' range. These work exceptionally well in both traditional and contemporary style homes, and we couldn’t be bigger fans of Brett’s Porcelain Geoceramica ‘Marmostone’ Black flooring if you’re into neutral darker shades.

With porcelain tiling, your renovation options are endless. There’s no reason for your premium slabs to stay indoors, and nothing is stopping you from getting creative with your walling, poolside areas, or decking. What look are you going for this season?