The Best Pool Paving To Use For Your Pool Area

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A beautiful day by the pool is one of the best parts of summer, but shoddy paving can take away from the experience. Paving your swimming pool area can be a long-lasting way to boost your whole property's value while creating a more appealing space to unwind in on those hot, warm-weather days. But what do you need exactly? And how can you stand out with an aesthetic, stylish pool area that's built to last?

Our team are full of great ideas for brightening up that gorgeous outside space, starting with the right bullnose pavers or coping and working outward to paving slabs, flags that will lead up to your outdoor pool. Here are some of our favourite ideas for this Summer 2019, based on this year’s hottest trends.

  • Choosing Your Colours

Removing your old paving and coping is often a first step if you’re redoing an existing pool area—and it can be daunting! If you’ve planned ahead, you’ll be doing this in winter or a cooler season so you don’t miss out on nice summer days and quality pool time. The good news is, it’s a great opportunity to start again, even picking out a new colour scheme from scratch.

This year, paving in neutral shades is making waves—buff, brown, and grey are not only very safe choices for your swimming pool paving, but they are also versatile and work well as part of a broader contemporary, Mediterranean, or traditional theme. Our natural sandstone paving slabs offer ample choice of relaxed, easy-on-the-eye shades like the 'Premiastone' Ivory range which also offers smooth-finish, natural sandstone in delicate light grey and creamy light shades.


  • Textures and Climate

Landscaping projects can be lots of fun, especially when they are about creating your ideal pool space. Feel free to play around with whatever surface textures you like when looking for pool paving, from smooth porcelain slabs to the characteristic textured finish of classic limestone.

natural stone

Around the pool, textured paving also can be used to encourage safety—a cleft surface will help keep a non-slip area around the edge of your pool. Porcelain paving is a good choice if you are looking to prevent algae growth and reduce staining. It is a low-maintenance option for the long term and offers water and salt resistance if you are living near the coast. 

Choosing the best paving for your pool area means thinking about how you use your pool—will you need a high-resistance, strong material that can support the weight of lots of people? Will stain-resistant paving slabs or coping be most appropriate given your garden furniture? Are you going to use the same pavers for your pathways and your coping? Whatever you choose, check out the slip resistance of your paving slabs or pool coping, and try to ensure that you are opting for a long-lasting surface that will hold its own through the winter months. With an extensive range of poolside paving and coping options, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your outside space in our online catalogue!